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    Hi, that's just a generic link I pulled. Where are you located? Here in Canada you can get it at most Drug and Department stores that have a decent Cosmetics department. Try calling your local Cosmetic departments and asking for it, if they don't stock it they likely will tell you where to try. Being a guy, I was not on the up with Cosmetic Departments but after calling the first one from the online yellowpages in my area I was told where I could buy it.

    I find the women there all really helpful in general. I also use the Avene Trixera moisturizer at night as well as their spf 25 moisturizer during the day which is mint. It is the ONLY moisturizer with spf 25 that I have ever used that does not irritate and does not go on thick and chalky, it literally dissolves into your skin like regular moisturizer, I tried lots and hated the tints that looked like I was wearing makeup, this one from Avene has no tint at all, totally clear and goes on like a reg gentle moisturizer.

    I started with the reg moisturizer, my skin tolerated it well, one of the only I have ever been able to use, so I thought I would give the shaving foam a go, also works fantastic and as mentioned, nothing but praise for the spf 25. I don't know, something about their products just really settles nicely with my skin and my skin is extremely hypersensitive.

    Anyways, let me know how you make out and if you have any other questions or can't find it, let me know and I will do some digging around for you.

    btw, I always use a new blade every time I shave, it also helps. I only shave once or twice a week, good think that shadow look is in...or at least that is what I tell myself.

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    I've tried every sensitivity shaving cream on the market. Each time my face was so bad I couldn't sleep at night on the side of my face.
    In the end I just tried luke warm water and shave slowly with a blade(something I wouldn't have dared to do before). It worked, my face isn't irritated at all and I can sleep at night. The shaving wasn't causing the irritation, it was all of the sensitive shaving creams i used.

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