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Thread: Olive Oil Facial Cleanser/A few questions

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    Default Olive Oil Facial Cleanser/A few questions

    so last night i was feeling brave and tried using the extra virgin oil olive's what happened: i first rinsed my face with warm water then slowly and gently massaged into my skin then turn the water to hot and soaked a face towel, wringed it out, then laid the wash cloth on my face to steam and open the pores to remove the dirt and oil, repeated this for 2 more times...well my face got red and kind of splotchy which was to be expected from the hot face however felt so good and smooth....i waited about half an hour and the redness was subsided..woke up this morning and my skin looked fantastic.

    I'm wondering if this would be safe to do every night as my new regime? has anyone else had experiences in this matter? btw, i used my regular (neostrat antibacterial facial cleanser) this morning and my face got red and a bit splotchy again, but subsided after 40 minutes or so...wondering if i should just rinse my face w/ lukewarm water in the morning...also if used warm water when i use the evoo would i still have the same effect of getting rid of blackheads and the like?

    any help would be appreciated!


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    Default oil cleansing

    I've used the OCM (oil cleansing method) many times over the years - as an exclusive daily cleansing approach over a period of weeks, it caused me to break out with jawline nodules. But short-term, and occasionally, it is very nice, smoothing, and pore-cleansing for me. Hot water is not necessary, nor is steaming for minutes at a time (well, in my experience, they are not necessary) - heat & steaming can increase flares (for some people, YMMV). I still oil-cleanse once in a while, and it is still lovely for my skin - I apply my oil of choice (sesame & hemp are favorites now) and massage gently all over my face, then cover my face for maybe half a minute at most with a *warm* soft washcloth before gently wiping away the oil. TLC goes a long way - tougher skins can steam & scrub, but not mine.

    Depending on what your skin likes, you can have a similar experience with plain old cold cream. Again, YMMV.

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    i read that most who use the OCM (oil cleansing method) mix EVOO with castor oil.
    EVOO for moisture, castor for cleansing.
    so i think if u use ONLY EVOO, maybe add a 2nd cleanser to be sure u got rid of residue.

    i personally use EVOO sometimes to remove makeup the way u do, but i follow up with a 2nd cleanser like Aquanil or Cetaphil to make sure there is no residue

    on days im lazy i use DHC cleansing oil (makeup remover), (main ingredient olive oil), no need to use cloth, just emulsify/rinse with water, and it all slides off like magic. then Aquanil. and done in seconds.

    i dont think its good to use EVOO everyday, maybe few times or once a week?
    its moisturizing but i think could cause cloged pores. and not to mention the hot cloth rubbing our delicate skin!!

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