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Thread: In Praise of Purpuric V Beam

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    Default In Praise of Purpuric V Beam

    I've had seven V Beam treatments with the Perfecta now -- three non-purpuric followed by four purpuric.

    The three non-bruising ones left me red and flushy for about a week. I needed good air conditioning, temperatures in the low sixties, and I had to eat no carbs or I'd flush painfully. They didn't do much good.

    Then I asked my doctor to get more aggressive, and I got four bruising V Beams. I'd read about people who'd been greatly helped by them, and by then, I had developed a lot of faith in my doctor.

    The four bruising treatments did a TON of good for my rosacea. My flushing is way down, and I'm a persistent painful flusher.

    The reason you bruise is that the V Beam Perfecta actually ruptures the problematical blood vessels. So they're gone. They can't plague you anymore.

    These four purpuric V Beams have done me more good than YEARS of IPL. And I'm a difficult case, with some of the worst rosacea all my doctors have ever seen; a persistent flusher with dark purple flushes that last eight hours or more. Absolutely debilitating.

    I also take Clonidine and Remeron to blunt the flushes. Even with those drugs, I have so much damage, so much visible redness, that getting rid of it had to improve the rosacea.

    My bruising was impressive, to say the least. I was totally purple on the side of my face where the rosacea was worst. I was swollen up like a balloon for four or five days.

    There was NO WAY I could cover it with makeup. I scared people when I went walking on the streets. I looked like I'd been hit by a truck, with huge swollen purple welts. No blisters, just welts. And when it healed, when it went away, it healed beautifully -- there were no scars and no problems; just less redness and less flushing.

    More good news; each treatment I get, it's harder to bruise me and I have a little less swelling. That's because there's less target to hit, I imagine. So each purpuric treatment is a little easier to tolerate.

    Two weeks after a purpuric V Beam, I can almost cover the bruises with makeup.

    After three weeks, I look almost normal.

    After four weeks, I look great.... then we go do it again.

    I'm going to need several many more of these purpuric V Beams to eradicate all the damage caused by my years of flushing. My rosacea is so bad that it's almost like a port wine stain -- a large vascular lesion. The V Beam eradicates vascular lesions, which is what I need.

    I think I've known for a long time that the only way to get this SH*T off my face was to blast it off with powerful, bruising treatments.

    The problem with IPl was that you couldn't turn it up hot enough to rupture the blood vessels; that high level of power would damage my skin.

    The V Beam Perfecta apparently targets the blood vessels more effectively without pouring heat into the surrounding skin. So you can blow up the blood vessels and not send the patient into paroxysms of flushing.

    I am incredibly impressed with the V Beam Perfecta's ability to rupture and remove the blood vessels. Now that I've seen so much improvement, I eagerly go back for more. The bruising is a small price to pay to knock this back to where I can live an almost normal life again.

    Highly recommended!

    I sent photos of my face at its worst to all my friends and told them what I was doing, so they wouldn't be horrified when they saw me. That made me far less self conscious about looking so funny, and now that it's been going on all winter, they're as used to it as I am.

    So to everybody out there considering V Beam, here's my advice.

    First, find an operator you trust; preferably a board certified dermatologist who does the treatments himself and has owned his machine for a long time and is familiar with it. If it were me, I would avoid med-spas.

    Also look for a V Beam Perfecta; from what I read, that's the most modern one that can target the hemoglobin most accurately and put the least heat into the surrounding skin.

    Also, give up any attachment to looking anything like normal for two to three weeks after a purpuric V Beam. If the treatment's done right and blood vessels are destroyed, you are going to have some pretty impressive bruising and swelling from the vascular damage, which after all is what you want.

    Also, try to arrange it so that you don't get overheated after purpuric V Beam. It's a great help to be able to stay in serious air conditioning, for at least a week afterwards and more like two. I had to keep the temps in the low sixties, and still needed a fan on my face.

    After the V Beam, I use over the counter low dose steroids on my face for three days to calm things down. Don't overuse the steroids or you will cause more trouble than you fix. My doctor also gives me oral prednisone for three days afterwards and that also helps calm things down.

    Wash your face only once a day, in the morning, with cool or cold water and no soap on the treated part. Use your hands or if you use a washcloth, no rubbing. Think gentle, gentle, gentle. I flush more at night, especially to touch, so I didn't wash my face in the evening. I had to try everything I could to calm things down.

    My rosacea was so bad, and had been so bad for so long, that it kept coming back despite almost a hundred IPL's from a good doctor using a good machine. So the V Beam has to be pretty damn good to impress me. My rosacea tends to break through everything I do to knock it back, but it's having trouble fighting against the V Beam Perfecta.

    My flushing is WAY down after four of these horrific treatments. I'm going to get three more bruising ones this spring, and then stop for the summer, and see how things are. I've read that you have to take three months to really heal thoroughly. I expect to have to go back for more in the fall, but I"m going to wait and see and decide then.

    I can't quite believe that only seven purpuric treatments will knock this into full remission, so I expect to have to do it monthly again next winter for another 7 or 8 treatments.

    I am amazed at how much less I"m flushing. Instead of nightly deep purple misery, I have hardly flushed at all since my last treatment. I'm holding my breath, hoping the improvement will hold. Nothing else has changed, not my diet, nothing. And I've had horrible rosacea for seven years now, and mild to moderate for decades before that.

    So to all you persistent flushers out there, who may have absolutely debilitating rosacea where the flushing is so deep, so painful, so long lasting, that you find you can no longer live a normal life -- no movies, no dancing, no dinner out, no walks on a warm summer night -- please consider purpuric V Beam. It's made a huge improvement in my severe vascular rosacea.

    And it is SO worth the down time. What's a few weeks, or even an entire winter, of being funny looking, if you get your life back?

    People have asked me about pain. Getting the V beam hurts. It hurts a LOT. But the pain is brief, and when it's over, it doesn't hurt anymore. The swelling feels odd and uncomfortable, but it doesn't hurt. I was horrified initially when I saw the bruising the next day, but I was in no physical pain. So please don't let fear of pain hold you back from this life giving treatment.

    Hope this helps. And thanks to all the brave folks who went before me, endured many purpuric V Beams, and posted all about it to help others. Without your encouragement and leading the way, I would never have known about this and would not have dared go though with it.

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    Here's me in a typical flush:

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    Here's me, the day after my second purpuric V Beam...

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    Here's me, a month after purpuric V Beam, ready to go again!

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    Hi WrinkledClue,

    AWESOME results!! You look fabulous!


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    First of all *HUGS* for all you have been through and endured.

    And I am SO happy for you that you have finally found something that works for you! The YAGS hurt like a b**** so I know how much going this route can smart. Not to mention how expensive and time consuming it is.

    You're a brave soul and I wish you the best for continued success and healing.

    My weapons :

    Aura/Lyra lasers-70+txs
    RLT (DPL)
    Modified OCM using; microfiber cloth, jojoba/safflower oil, & cool water
    Everyday Minerals
    Bare Minerals Primetime
    Linda Sy Oatmeal & Goodskin All Calm Cleanser
    Replenix Green Tea Serum
    homemade moisturizer w/dimethicone
    Ester C, NSI brand SOD
    Thera Tears supplement & PF gel drops

    "Mornie utķliŽ (darkness has come)..Believe and you will find your way.
    Mornie alantiŽ (darkness has fallen)..A promise lives within you now."

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    You look so great! I totally know what it is like to get that done. Although on my second day after I had my cheeks done my eyes were practically swollen shut because my cheeks were so swollen. Honestly though you look fab. I am so happy things are working out for you. Keep us all posted with your continued success

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    Hi Wrinkled Clue,
    What amazing results! You look beautiful and your skin looks awesome!!
    Thanks so much for posting photos to illustrate what you endured to reach your final results!
    Best wishes for continued success!

    All the best,

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    Default results

    I'm glad you had such great results. I used the gentle yag and it was the best thing I ever did.

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    Thank you so much for posting your experience with VBeam.

    I had 4 VBeam treatments, only last one being partially purpuric and I was amazed with the results. Unfortunately redness came back. Last April (after one year), I had one more non-purpuric touch up treatment and it wasnt enough to get me back to my original results. In my case I'd need at least 2 maintenance treatments a year.

    Vbeam gave me life back. I am a stronger person. I am financially and emotionally much much better.

    I am really happy that it worked wonderfully for you as well. I like to see you smile as in the last picture.

    Congrat for your courage and efforts in beating this **** up.
    Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up again..

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