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Thread: Perioral dermatitis; questions!?

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    Default Perioral dermatitis; questions!?

    Okay, so I think in general there could very well be an entire forum dedicated to perioral dermatits, as overall info is just scattered everywhere, and it seems most people who have it are either totally confused, overwhelmed, as nothing they try helps, or they don't know what products to use how to use them etc. OR they take antibiotics and it just goes away forever. I so wish I was apart of the second group! Anyway, I think it'd be helpful if all those with perioral dermatits now or in the past could post the products they use or found helpful, how they use them, and what helped/cleared the dermatits.

    Firstly I have a question, for those of you out there do you apply moisturizer on your dermatitis areas just like you would elsewhere on your face??

    My primary area is my upper lip and at times I wonder if by not moisturizing it like I do the rest of my face it worsens it, but then at the same time I get worried that the moisturizer on the rest of my face migrates to my upper lip during sleep etc. and worsens it! Its so confusing and very frustrating!! Also, do you cleanse the area w/ cleanser just like the rest of your face?? I normally don't because again I'm really scared of aggravating it with products. Also, how do you all remove your makeup?? I hate doing things that cause irritation to my face in general because again feel like it's worsening it.

    Okay, so as far as the "products" I use-

    toothpaste- jasons powersmile, although sls and fluoride free, I wouldn't suggest it, it has a VERY intense mint flavor that is potentially irritating to the POD, and I'm intending to switch to Toms of main clean & gentle, sls free toothpaste, SPEARMINT flavor (the other flavor isn't fluoride free) which is reported to be much milder tasting.

    P.S- This is on sale right now; its better to buy it cheap here or from etc. as my local health food store charges 8$$ for this toothpaste

    cleanser- I use presently skinmedica cleanser which is nice, but does have sulphates in it, even if not SLS, also because I'm on accutane it's not as gentle as I'd like but it does it's job. I'm still on the hunt for a nondrying gentle completely sulphate free cleanser.

    moisturizers- I use presently cetaphil cream which the petroleum in it makes me nervous so I'm still on the hunt for this too, considering emu oil or md forte replenishing cream which is petroleum free

    makeup remover- presently i have to use olive oil, going to try jojoba though as olive is just way too thick and leaves a very heavy film.

    makeup- still hunting for this too, my skins too dry for most everything so

    Also- I have not cleared my dermatitis yet, I'm on accutane so while 85% cleared (it was VERY bad before though) its still not gone, I'm thinking I may need to take a round of antibiotics when I get off accutane. It stinks though, I thought accutane would clear it up!
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