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Thread: Been taking Oracea for three months now...symptoms still occuring!!!

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    Default Been taking Oracea for three months now...symptoms still occuring!!!

    I'm a 34year old female and have had Rosacea for about 5 years now. In the past year, it's been extremely bad to the point where I get papules the size of marbles on my face. My nose, cheeks, chin and forehead are extremely swollen and red.

    I went to my dermatologist about 4months ago and she put me on Oracea, 40mg once day. I see a tiny bit of improvement, but not the kind of results I want. I just want the papules to go away...and over time the redness as well.

    Has anyone else been taking Oracea?

    Also, what kind of face washes do you recommend? I've tried Plexion and it burns the hell out of my skin.

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    Hi and welcome to the RF

    I have moved your post from the Rifaximin thread to your own thread in the newbie section where it can get more replies.

    I have been taking Oracea for over 2 years and it took 4 months to see real improvement. So it might still be helpful for you but it might take some more time. Sometimes the doctor will put you on a higher dose of antibiotic to get you started and then keep you maintained with Oracea.

    I can't comment as to the face wash as I am unable to tolerate topicals but others here have used them successfully. Hopefully they will chime in.

    Check this link out as it contains helpful info.

    Best wishes,

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