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Thread: hey please help me. my face is gettting bad

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    Default Washingpowder

    I don't know if this can help you, but one suggestion is to make sure you use a washing powder that contains 100 % pure soap. In most washingpowder for clothes, the manufactorer adds a lot of "stuff" to the soap, that is not really any good for your skin, and could give you a dry, irritated skin. Fining a washing powder like this is not easy - but a company called Amway produces an excellent one. You should try check it out!

    Quote Originally Posted by legendsneverdie View Post
    my whole life i use to take steaming hot showers and wash my face with the dial bar soap and never had a problem. the past few months well is a different story. a while back i was a dishwasher and got eczema on my hands from the soaps and stuff. the docotor gave me a bunch of Triamcinolone Acetonide. cleared it right up. so as time went on i started to get little spots of dry skin on my face. so i put the steroid stuff on my face. i think i would of been fine then if i used a decent moisturizer on my face for it but i was really ignorant. so a few years later i run out of the tiamcionline acetonide ( that being maybe 2 months ago). i now realise how bad that stuff was for my face in the first place after reading up on it and how unaware of it i was. i dont know if i have destoried my skins ability to hydrate its self. or maybe have a steorid induced rocesa. yah and for anyone who is going to tell me to go to the dermetologist lol i m not insured and it is pretty much out of the question . disregard the white stuff u seen on my face it is diaper rash lotion (yes i am tryin it, it doesnt work to great). i ve dried eucerin original, eucerin plus, a dove facial mositurizer with spf15 in it, and this stuff called bio oil. it all fails miserably. the onlything that is ok is the diaper rash stuff ( A + D zinc oxide cream). and its not ok cuz it heals the redness it just covers it and makes me feel alot less ashamed. i usta be a pretty confident dude but my confidence is slashed in half. why on my face does this redness have to be? y not my arm or something damn. well here is some pics and again the white is just the diaper rash cream.

    so please anyone give me any kind of help and tell me what u think i have. i m guess its eczema or rosacea. i have it in my eyebrows to. i have dandruff, chapped lips. and between my eyebrows and even above them a little bit. i also have been getting patches of drish skin in my beard area but they dotn seem to get as bad (yet anyway). u can see the red patches around my beard area in the pics.

    -face used to be fine
    -started to get dry a few years ago
    -stupidly was using steroid cream on my face for maybe 2-3 years
    - ran out of it, looked up steroid cream found out i was dumb for doing that
    - not using steroid cream, i have some more refuse to use it
    - i need heelp, what do ihave? how can i help it?
    - embarassed in public confidence slashed in half in not more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizz42 View Post
    Hi Legend,

    just wanted to thank you for your actually life changing "out of the box" advice. Doctors did not help at all. I think, they are just guessing. Metronidzol made it worse. H&S does the job. Honey does not. Sometimes I use cortisone, which i am not afraid of if used from time to time. Coconut oil is ok, but there are some cremes here in Germany with panthenol, aloe, bisabolol and allantoin which work better for me. I also tried a certain kind of clay on the face called Heilerde, which was also OK.

    So, thanks a lot!

    Best regards,


    so thankful i can help
    This is my signature.. please ignore the beginning of the "please help me thread".. i no longer use the raw honey treatment. it does not work. For me, and a bunch of other who pm me. Please read the more recent pages of the thread.

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    Default Aloe Vera the best medicine for skin

    This plant should be in every garden. It is amazing for so many problems. It soothes the skin and works well in reducing inflammation. When your skin becomes an angry turn to the Aloe Vera Plant and once again use the gel from the plant directly on the problem areas. It is an anti-inflammatory and has anti-bacterial properties.

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