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Thread: Support Group?

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    Default Support Group?

    Has anyone had any experience in attending a support group that focuses on dermatologic or facial disfigurement/appearance issues specifically? I would really like to find a live support group that I can go to and meet other people struggling with these types of things. I get so much support from this forum and think that to meet with people struggling emotionally with the same issues I am (acceptance, mourning the old me, self esteem, depression) would be helpful. My rosacea has progressed to permanent redness and swollen blotches at this point. It is so obviously not a skin issue for me, but totally inflammatory. So I feel that while I can do the best to treat it, at some point I need to accept that it has progressed this far and to make the best of what I'm left with. And it actually feels close to impossible to do. Meeting with others going through the same thing could be beneficial, I would think.

    I did a prelim search on the internet but didn't really see anything. I work in NYC so you would think that if they are anywhere, they would be here. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of such a group or attended one.

    Thanks, Alyssa

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    Default I feel for you

    A positive:

    You do really start to see things differently. I feel in a way that for us young folk on here that it's like aging fast. That's how I look at it.

    I have something else I have to say. The whole looks thing is such bull****.


    I am with you though friend. I hate the way the rosacea gives off the impression that you don't care for yourself. I think that is the tough part, in some ways.

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