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    I have recently discovered this guy who started the Snake Diet. He's hilarious. He will offend some people but his purpose is great and maybe is a wake up call for the west in terms of our relationship to food.

    I've just started his method and so far so good. If you are like me fasting definitely helps my skin though the effects come back after I finish the fast. Well this guy has many people who say they have cured some serious health conditions including skin though his method. The idea is you can fast for extended lengths of time until you get right down to lean muscle. You need to watch a bunch of his videos but the essential thing is drink a mixture of Sodium (Salt) and potassium Chloride and that stops all the crappy feelings you get from fasting with just water and so you can fast as long as you can handle even a week or so and then refeed with a low carb simple diet like steak and vegetables....or whatever is clean food. One thing I've managed to do is kick my caffeine habit but I did cut down over a few days.

    I wonder if this really has some keys for us with skin problems. ie get rid of the fat on our bodies that shouldn't be there. I am also interested in his stuff about dry fasting which is no food or water!! for a few days as its aggressive at cleaning lymp system out supposedly. Truth is this we put a bunch of crap in our bodies that was never intended to be in our bodies for decades and also most are holding toxic fat amounts plus in our hunter gather history we didn't eat 5 meals a day and would of eaten maybe every few days if that. Dogs if sick don't drink or eat to heal themselves also....its probably more natural than the lifestyles we live today to be honest.
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