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Thread: Recent diagnosis/IPL ?

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    Default Recent diagnosis/IPL ?

    Hello all,
    I don't know if anyone can give me some advice but I was recently diagnosed as having rosacea.
    I think I may have had a mild form of it last year. I do have a history of sunburns, use of sunlamp and tanning outdoors - bad choices I know, but I tanned to combat the breakouts I was getting when I was younger. I am practicing stringent sun protection now to avoid further damage.
    I was getting some hot flashes the last couple of years, I think mainly due to female hormonal issues (perimenopausal and fibroids) These hot flashes caused occasional flushing of my face and upper neck and chest that would cause some transient redness that would subside after the flush was over. I didn't really have any triggers, such as alcohol and spicy foods
    I had an IPL done back in May of 09 to get rid of some cherry angiomas and broken blood vessels on my neck and chest. The esthitician also treated some areas on my face, though I did not request treatment to my face. She did some areas on my chin, nose and cheeks. My cheeks swelled pretty bad, especially the left side. I had some hyerpimentation and swelling on the left cheek that lasted all summer. I figured it would heal eventually and it didn't look terrible but it just didn't look right. In October I started having severe inflammation, burning, itching and tingling in the IPL treated areas on my cheeks. It seemed to trigger an inflammatory response in the rest of my face as well.
    I expressed my concerns to the esthitician, I was convinced the IPL had something to do with the symptoms as nothing else in my skin care routine had changed. She said I had rosacea and referred my to a derm. She denied IPL could have caused it. I had been to this clinic three times before and to another clinic and I was never diagnosed with rosacea before.
    I did go to the derm that was referred to me by the esthitician and they didn't really look closely at my face, just said I had rosacea by me describing my symptoms.
    I tried the meds that were prescribed to me with no success. Metrogel and Rosula made me worse and more irritated. I have been in misery with this, nearly everything a trigger that didn't bother me last year...cold weather, heated indoor areas, sensitivity to skin products that never bothered me before, etc.
    I would like to know if anyone has had this problem before and/or if anyone is familiar with IPL settings. I would like to know if mine were too aggresive. I honestly feel if I did have rosacea, it was a very mild form of it and I don't know what could have caused it to progress to such a severe state within months, other than the IPL.
    Here are the settings and machine that were used: Starlux 300G , settings at 40 optical fluence 20 milliseconds short pulse, total of 48 pulses applied to chest and face.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If '40 optical fluence' equates with 40J/cm2, then yes, that is aggressive. Such a setting may be appropriate for the chest and neck but its use on the face, without prior testing or understanding of your facial skin's likely response, smacks of laziness, unthinkingness, incompetence..

    Given your vascular/inflammatory symptoms, frankly, Metrogel (and similar) was never going to help much. There are surely things that might help dampen your hormonal flushing. (I'm not the person to ask.) You raise warm rooms: the very natural urge to avoid them might not be - over the longer term - the best approach:

    Other options might include low level light therapy: a non-destructive means of checking inflammation and flushing.

    Hope that helps some.

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    This information helps immensely. I did obtain my medical records shortly after I started having these awful symptoms. Nowhere in my records is it indicated that I wanted my face treated. My before and after pictures I obtained w/ my records are disturbing. She took pictures of my face which should have tipped me off but I had some of the cherry angiomas on the side of my neck and I thought she was photographing those. My face looked fine before, I had some mild flushing with decent looking texture. The after picture looks horrible, my face looks like an inflamed, red mess w/ welts all over. Surely, the esthitician had to wonder what on earth happened from the last time I had seen her. Like I said, I had been to this clinic three times in the last two years, not one single comment or diagnosis of rosacea until now.
    I am a little better now but I have to baby my skin like never before. I obtained some All Calm cleanser, toner and moisturizer and I am seeing the redness and inflammation go down a lot. I also have to avoid triggers as much as possible.
    I hope, in time, my face heals. Right now, I am left w/ the hyperpigmented area on the top of my left cheek and it burns, though not as bad as before. I also have swelling that didn't go down so my left cheek always appears more puffy than my right cheek.
    I also have poor texture in the areas that were treated and little lines that look like cut marks.
    This has been a nightmare to say the least and I am permanently scared away from any type of IPL in the future. When you mention low level light therapy, are you referring to LED lights? I have heard of those and would be willing to try that if it would help.
    Thank you so much for giving me this information, it is most appreciated.

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