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Thread: Yeast Infection - Diet Changes & Rosacea

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    Default Yeast Infection - Diet Changes & Rosacea

    Hi all,

    Been a good while since I've been on here, been out trying new things and experimenting with diet to see how it effects my skin.

    I know this is nothing new, but I want to talk about the whole yeast infection/ candida situation and a link to rosacea. I know as always, this will not be of any use to a lot of people as every person with rosacea suffers in a different way and has different triggers etc.

    However, I did find success with dramatic changes to my diet.

    I went to see a naturopath and after a long discussion and many questions, she suggested that I had a yeast imbalance in my gut perhaps caused by pro-longed prescriptions of anti-biotics. I know this may not apply to everyone but she asked if I had suffered from athletes foot or thrush amongst other things, and it may have been a coincidence but I had suffered both recently. These are both signs of yeast infection. I also had recently started to suffer a little from psoriasis (spelling?) on my elbows and knuckles.

    She said that basically that anti-biotics wipe out all good and bad bacteria in the stomach and that yeast/candida can then grow unchecked as the good bacteria is not there to keep it in balance. She then said that think of the stomach as a car park, if the Yeast/Candida are in the parking spaces, the good bacteria can not get in to do it's job.

    I apologise if I'm rushing here, but I'm meeting a friend for a game of tennis in half an hour lol

    Anyway, she advised avoiding yeast products (i.e. all breads, cakes, biscuits, cookies, etc), Sugar (ie. sweets, sugary drinks, even sugars in fruits - which I kno is not exactly healthy - however apparently apples, melon, grapefruit, are all low in sugar).

    I was then advised to avoid un-organic meats such as beef, pork, chicken etc As a lot of these animals are fed hormones and anti-biotics, which you are effectively absorbing when you eat them.

    I know this diet is strict and HARD, however I did it for about 3 weeks religiously and although I did not really notice any great difference myself, I was at my 30th birthday party where lots of photos were taken and I think the photos speak for themselves. I was amazed when I saw the photos the next day. Getting my photo taken is something I have hated for a long time and I hate all photos of me as all I see is a big red face. However, I actually liked the photos from my birthday - and I was drinking that night which normally makes it worse.

    The Psoriasis (again spelling?) also cleared up quite dramatically during this period.

    Anyway, I must confess I stuck to the diet a few more weeks then kinda tired of it, and I am back to my old eating habits really - and see the difference it has made to my skin. Very dramatic change, once again I hate photos lol

    My point here is that for whatever reason, whether it is the yeast/candida imbalance thing or not, that diet does play a huge role and if you have not experimented with diet you definitely should.

    I have decided after the new year to stick religiously to the diet for a pro-longed period, along with taking some natural food pro-biotics, to see if this can resolve the yeast imbalance for good.

    I will warn you that I lost a LOT of weight on this diet, and started to compensate for this by actually adding in an extra meal. So I'd have an early dinner about 5pm and then another dinner about 8pm. Saying that, around 4/5pm I used to always have snacks anyway so rather than snacking I'd eat a small dinner.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share this - I'll try to add a few photos later and you can tell me if you agree that there is a difference to my skin.

    PS - I had a dominos pizza the other day (meteor pizza with BBQ base) and my skin instantly flared up, it felt very irritated and when I looked in the mirror it was very red. Need to avoid that I guess...and I love dominos too


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    good to hear bro.

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    "however apparently apples, melon, grapefruit, are all low in sugar)."

    Did you mean very high in sugar? becasue i think these are the fruit containing the most...could be wrong.

    But , sounds good!

    I'm going to try and work at a different diet. (already gone from white bread to seedy brown stuff)

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    Default Candidiasis

    Candidiasis has been associated with rosacea in at least one paper.

    Candida albicans (a fungus) and rosacea have been linked in at least one research paper. One report said that a “patient was treated with intermittent pulses of itraconazole for the candidasis and doxycycline initially before being substituted with isotretinoin 6 months later for the rosacea.” and the outcome was that “the patient’s candidiasis responded well and has been in remission for 3 months while his rosacea continues to improve.”

    Autosomal Dominant Familial Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis Associated with Acne Rosacea
    HL Ee, HH Tan, SK Ng; Ann Acad Med Singapore 2005; 34:571-4

    "The use of invasive devices and broad spectrum antibiotics has increased the rate of candidal superinfections." Source

    You might consider using Topical Taurine Bromamine for rosacea if you are suffering from antibiotic resistance.

    For More Info Check this thread out.
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    That was one of the 4 kinds of herbs I've used before in a regiment (I had to rotate them every 4 days) - they were good but I had to be on a strict candida diet too and that was a nightmare... I've had lots of side effects (or die-off reactions...?) at the beginning - later I was simply too hungry all the time to remember anything else...

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    Can you go on a high fat diet or will that also feed the yeast?

    I can't seem to do low carb without losing obscene amounts of weight.

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    Default Deeply restoring the gut integrity and immune system

    If you have a suspected candida infection, it's likely the other gut bacteria are also not in proper balance.
    ANY use of antibiotics can damage the balance and extricate certain functional bacteria entirely, causing collateral damage to your immune system, of which 80% is located in the gut.
    I nearly starved on an anti candida diet, aka body ecology diet, as my imbalance went deeper than candida. The anti candida diet is fine for milder issues where the gut integrity has not been compromised.
    The GAPS Diet offers a protocol for deeply restoring the gut, and it replaced the much needed 20 lbs I lost on the anti candida diet, while deeply restoring the gut and immune system. It is not a low carb diet, but eli mates the types of carbs that feed candida and excess bacteria. Lots of bone broth, animal fats, soaked or sprouted nuts keep the weight on and curb hunger pangs. and are the websites.

    Check out this excellent article by Michael pollan on the relevance of gut bacteria:
    Flushing type rosacea.
    Topicals- raw honey cleanser and facial, pure cold pressed Rosehip seed oil for moisturizer.

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    Patiently waiting Too Long After Exercise to Eat, Changing Foods with Power Cafes or Alternative Beverages, Eating Too Much Proteins and Not Enough Carbohydrates, Taking Too Many or Too Few Calorie consumption for Your Action.....

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