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    I am aware of the many detailed terms and dealings (complicated) with rosacea, but I think I may be on to something here when I found something so SIMPLE.

    Every morning I look normal (normal in the sense that my face isn't realy pink or red). However, when I get to work, school, etc...I always begin to *yawn*. This yawning period lasts for roughly 5 minutes, maybe a total of 5 or 6 yawns.

    After this session, my eyes have become more watery, more bloodflow in my head, and more stinging, burning sensation on my face.

    Should scientists at least take a look and see how many rosaceans wake up, in fact, quite normal...only for their complexion to change in a matter of minutes?

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    I definitely agree. When I wake up in the morning, I look in the mirror and my rosacea just shows as a light pink area. Then about an hour later I look again and it is fire engine red.

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