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Thread: Swollen after vbeam - some questions

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    Question Swollen after vbeam - some questions

    Hi all,

    I did Vbeam yesterday. Actually I had not planned to take it, I was just there to ask questions about laser, my particular case, possible contraindications etc. But the dermatologist assumed I was there to do laser treatment so after a while he told me to lie down, it felt not polite to resist, and suddenly I was doing the treatment. Post treatment I got kind of scared, what have I done now etc. Anyways, I was quite red after the treatment but there was no swelling. The redness faded down to a more manageable level after some hours and I felt kind of great. This seemed to be going pretty well...

    BUT that was before I saw myself in the mirror today. My cheeks has swollen up looking like their going to pop, it was not looking good at all. Why didn't the derm talk about this..hrmpfff. The swelling have subsided a little by now and I have read that it's pretty normal after v-beam but I still have some questions:

    1) Do you now if the swelling are caused by irritation/inflamation or is it due to that the pulse dye laser is causing blockage to the lymph vessels causing lymphedema? If the latter is true is it so that I now will have an increased problem with swelling over time even though the swelling subsides after some days (Partly broken or not optimal working lymph vessels)? Can you remember if you have had increased problems with swelling when flushing, also long time after vbeam treatments? I haven't had problems with swelling before so I'm afraid that it should become a new component of my rosacea.

    2) Will the swelling subside to completely normal or would there be a slight puffiness due to "stretching" of skin and fat? I'm asking because my swelling are uneven, one of my cheeks are much bigger than the other. I'm fearing that I will look slightly uneven post swelling as well.

    3) Whats your suggestions to ease the edema, and make healing go faster with minimal damage? I have been doing the following: Eating antihistamines, sleeping with raised head, cooling the area down infrequently, drinking several cups of water and doing some very light exercize to encourage lymph draining. Other suggestions?
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    I had tremendous post V Beam swelling that was also uneven, and frankly astonishing. It's all settled down, as I hope yours has by now.

    Best suggestions I've come across to reduce the swelling is to put a cold pack on the treated area as soon as you can after treatment.

    A drugstore ice pack with ice and water work nicely as it molds to the area.

    Be sure to put a thin towel like a linen dishtowel between the ice pack and your tender skin so you don't freezer burn the area.

    Apparently the V Beam does a lot of vascular damage, which is what you want, after all, and that's the source of the swelling.

    Light exercise will help it drain since it helps the circulation, and give it about five days to go away.

    Keep us posted, okay?

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    Hi Dpart,

    What you are experiencing is normal. I was kinda in the same shoes as you when I had my 1st Vbeam a year and a half ago. I went in for a consult and the Derm. said yes, you are a candidate. If you get it today, we will waive the consult fee of $100. I'd said okay. I was shaking like a cold chicken!

    Anyway, post Vbeam you can be red/swollen for about 3-5 days. Here's what helps: ice pack the areas for the first 24 hours or more post procedure, but no more than 2 days. Like what Wrinkled Clue said, don't put the pack directly on your face, put a paper towel around the pack and place it on your face. Rotate around as needed. Take Tylenol and/or Benedryl (anti-histamine) if needed. Sleep upright as much as possible the first few nights, to help reduce the fluid. My Derm. provided me Arnica pills to take for a few days - these are believed to help reduce swelling too. And yes, mild exercise is good too, nothing strenous that will cause you to flush/sweat alot/etc. Lastly, don't tug/rub/or use exfoliating skin products for atleast a week. Your skin needs to be treated gently as it's in healing mode.

    I'm sure in the next few days your face will have settled some. Take care and chat soon.

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    I hope to have vbeam done soon with a specialist in Charlotte, NC! I can't wait!

    Let me see some pictures so I know what to expect. If you don't wish to show others, just PM it to me.

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    Default Vbeam in Charlotte,NC or surrounding area

    Just wondering if "CollegeSenior" ever had VBeam done by the Charlotte Specialist they mentioned? I am looking for a good VBeam doctor in North or South Carolina but would be interested in others who have used someone so I can hear their experiences first. Nervous about getting this done........But tired of flushing and red spots on my fair skin. And my red nose issues...........heard Vbeam has helped others with these issues.
    Thanks so much

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