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Thread: How do you sleep?

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    I can empathize !!!

    I have horribly dry skin... always have... and even the Dove for Sensitive Skin leaves my skin dry so I am a fanatic about moisturizing when I get out of the shower.

    I have used Nivea Original formula with success... also Gold Bond Ultimate .....

    However, since the rosacea has appeared, my skin seems not to like some of the things that I have used for decades .... like the Nivea and Gold Bond.

    So I have gone looking and experimenting. I too have cracked skin on my fingertips in the winter...

    One thing that I have tried recently and seems to be working well, is Caroline's Cream which I saw mentioned somewhere in these forums. I bought some and it seems to be really helping the cracks on my fingertips... much better than anything else that I've tried. It's also helping my ezcema.

    It's made by a lady in Australia, but at the time I ordered online shipping was free. I don't know if it is all the time....

    Anyway.... I do like it.. a lot.. I've been using it as my all body moisturizer after showers and as my hand cream several times a day. You do have to use it consistently.... it took several applications before it started really helping my eczema and cracked fingers. My rosacea has also improved, but I don't know if the Caroline's Cream is helping with that or if it is the tea tree oil or the dietary changes that I have made. But the Caroline's Cream is definitely helping with dry skin and eczema.

    Here's the link...

    The other thing that I have tried with success is coconut oil. I bought a jar of Dr. Bonner's unrefined coconut oil at Whole Foods - designed for cooking. I put a separate jar in the bathroom to use on my face. It is solid at room temperature. Just scoop a little out of the jar (about a teaspoon), gently rub it in your hands for a few seconds and it turns to liquid and rub on your face as a moisturizer.

    But coconut oil is very oily, so I don't want to slather my whole body with it...... so mostly I'm using Caroline's Cream on my face, body and as a hand cream. It's really great stuff.
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    Thank you for the link SusanB. I've found a really nice cream that is pretty basic called No Crack Cream, available from Duluth Trading Co. in their apothocary area. BTW, they also offer great clothing. I use the non-scented version, but it's also available in Lavender. The other products that work well from them are a heel ointment for cracked & dry feet, bought that for my husband and a product called Good Goop that smells an awful lot like camphor but really works great for dry hands, chapped lips, and a number of other things. If I remember right the wax in it is beeswax instead of another kind which I've found to be better than products with other types of waxes. The Good Goop is too greasy for my face and I haven't tried it either just based on the amount of time that it still feels greasy on my hands, but it definitely stopped me from licking my lips or chewing them when they got a little chapped. It softened them but also provided a pretty good deterant based on the smell & taste.

    The No Crack Cream is one of the few creams that I've had really good success with. It feels super slippery when it goes on, but that goes away quickly, so that you can get back to what you are doing within a couple minutes of putting it on. This is good for me as I need to be able to type or hold a needle or touch a screen most of the day and can't deal with long term greasiness.

    The only face creams & lotions that doesn't make either rosacea, eczema, or seem to cause some other break out is the No Crack Cream, or a hypo-allergenic lotion by St. Ives. I've also had good luck with the St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Lotion for the rest of my body, which is kind of a nice alternative to smelling like rotten eggs or camphor. I will also take your suggestion for coconut oil. I don't seem to have a problem with that at all as far as smell or the item itself. I have a product that is about 70% coconut oil for dry hair & it's nice, no problems.

    I go easy on things that smell because both my husband & I have asthma and some times strong smells can be an issue. He actually suggested that I go sleep in the spare room when I tried the Lavender oil the first night. I thought it was better than the tea tree oil.

    So I'm almost at the end of week 1 with Buckthorn soap at night, Dove Sensitive in the morning, and the cream from dr. in the morning, prosacea OTC gel at night since hubby can't deal with the tea tree oil or lavender oil smells and the bumps are pretty much gone. The redness is better, but not much better depending on the time of day, but my skin is super dry, so yesterday I tried the tea tree oil, so now the redness is better in the areas that were originally worse, but I have a few new red spots that are to the outside of where I put the tea tree oil yesterday. Dermodex running for the hills.....hmmmm, maybe. I'm going to wash my pillow today & add tea tree oil to the rinse. If it's dermodex, I'm determined to kill off the overabundance.

    I did try staying on my back or at the edge of the pillow last night also. That's not really going to work for me. I had a really bad night's sleep, which I know won't help the rosacea situation. Perhaps it will get better also once I get past a couple more stressful weeks at work.


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