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Thread: Men vs. Women Severity

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    Default Men vs. Women Severity

    Ok maybe I'm over analyzing the situation, but whenever I see men with rosacea my age its usually much further progressed than women with rosacea my age (20).

    Take my mom for example, my rosacea is worse than hers and she's 30 years older! Literally.

    In all my classes I take notice of who has rosacea (or may be at risk for it), and while it seems that more women have a disposition towards it, the few men who have it always seem to have a MUCH stronger flush. Even in the pictures forum I notice this.

    Why is this? Could it be hormone related?

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    One thought regarding diseases which involve lots of inflammation is that estrogen, being anti inflammatory offers protection. Seeing women have higher levels of this, it would suggest their rosacea is not usually as severe as that seen in men.

    A few women on this forum are taking oral contraceptives which reduce testosterone and have noticed improvements in some symptoms, so yes, I am sure hormones have a lot to do with this.
    I know one of the above mentioned women is a severe case, like me, which of course has me wondering about my hormonal levels.

    Recently I have been reading up on Vitex again ( herbal supplement). Check out the acne forums. Some men are taking it and are finding it reduces their acne.
    Vitex is not a hormone. It acts on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. There are conflicting opinions as to how it actually works.

    Not long ago, someone posted a link about autoimmune diseases, which suggested that women are affected more than men, due to hormones. A complete contradiction.
    Another mystery to toss in with the rest.
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