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Thread: just diagnosed with gluten intolerance...

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    Default just diagnosed with gluten intolerance...

    could this be causing my rosacea?

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    You might find this thread interesting

    Best wishes,

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbillcee View Post
    could this be causing my rosacea?
    Heck yeah it could! Hope going gluten free helps your rosacea. Wouldn't that be great?
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    yes that would be pretty good

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    Hi -

    I saw your post and thought I'd provide you a little information about me.

    I found out last Fall I have a gluten sensitivity. It came as a BIG suprise to me. My Rosacea was worse around this time as well. My Dr. referred me to see a Gastroenterologist, which I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy (not so lovely - never had these tests before). Anyway, both tests came out negative. The GI Dr. said I wasn't Celiac (total gluten intolerant as no internal issues were found). He said I could continue to eat gluten if I wanted or if wanted to cut back or down I could as well.

    I decided to try to eat "gluten free" when possible and when not, I'd have gluten and take a gluten supllement. There is no cure, but the supplements do help your body better digest the gluten. I also take digestive enzymes with every meal and also pro-biotics. I also take an anti-histimine daily and a handful of supplements as well. Since this regimen, it has lessened the flares and irritation. I do believe what you eat can have an effect on the skin. Granted, some folks have lesser issues with food/skin breakouts, as genetics play a part, but I think many can see benefit in their skin by eating healthier.

    Are you getting further testing by a GI Dr. or your internist? Please keep us posted.


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