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Thread: Other Symptoms of Rosacea

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    Default Other Symptoms of Rosacea

    I'm new here and have some questions about the other symptoms of rosacea. I haven't found anything online that indicates that rosacea causes many of the issues I'm experiencing that are puzzling me. First things first, I'm a "health issue" procrastinator, so I know I waited waaaay too long to see a doctor about all of this. I'm just wondering if any other people with rosacea suffer from these symptoms. The facial redness I can deal with fine. It's this other stuff that has me wondering if I should go to another doctor, or if it's just other symptoms of rosacea & my derm didn't give me the right stuff to combat all the symptoms of rosacea. Here's my list:

    1. Sunlight sensitivity - causes rash on face (nose & cheeks of course), but also arms, neck, and shoulders if exposed. Can also appear on legs if exposure is lengthy. And it isn't sunburn - it's definitely a rash. Also get fatigued & experience increased joint pain/swelling from sunlight exposure.

    2. Joint pain and swelling - primarily in hands, feet and knees. Swelling will start out the day and then get better as time passes. Not any muscle pain really. Seems like it's really in the joint.

    3. Strange bluish/purplish vein-like, blotchy patterns on inside of arms, back of hands, and thighs/sometimes calves. Comes and goes, not permanent. Also noticed that around my cuticles the skin gets a little red/inflamed looking.

    4. Low-grade fevers for no identifiable reason, that usually don't last more than half a day. Kinda feels like the flu. Will happen after sunlight exposure.

    5. Increased need for water intake. Most days I feel like I can't drink enough water.

    I went to a derm about 12 months ago because I got this red rash over my nose & cheeks about a year and a half ago. I thought it might be some sort of contact allergy/skin rash but when it didn't resolve itself, I went to the derm. He said it's rosacea & gave me Finacea. The Finacea helped my face a little, maybe, but what about these other symptoms? The derm didn't say anything about there being other effects of rosacea. The Finacea didn't do anything for them - not that I expected it too. Is this something I need to see another doctor for, or are they just additional symptoms of rosacea, or am I just feeling the effects of not being in my 20s anymore (I'm 31)? Has anyone's dermatologist addressed these other symptoms of rosacea? This joint pain and fatigue is really starting to impact daily activities, and the fevers and bluish blotchiness on my skin are just bizarre. Nothing on the Internet suggested that rosacea would cause these other symptoms. I don't want to run back to the dermatologist if these aren't commonly-experienced rosacea symptoms, or if I need to seek out another type of doc. Are these typical rosacea symptoms for anyone else?

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    Hi Alliecat and welcome to the RF

    I would suggest you go to your primary care doctor and get some blood tests to rule out any systemic causes. Swelling in your joints, fever etc suggests something else going on perhaps. The increased water intake urge can also be many different things and some of them important to diagnose sooner rather than later.

    Many of us do experience sunlight sensitivity but that can also be a few different conditions as well so you need to get all this evaluated and ruled out for a proper diagnosis.

    Best of luck Allie!


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    Thanks! Just trying to see if I have something else going on, or if this is all rosacea related. With a family history of autoimmune diseases, I thought I was getting off easy with rosacea. But maybe I am starting to follow in the ancestors' footsteps.

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