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Thread: New member looking for suggestions

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    Default New member looking for suggestions

    I was told I had rosacea by my dermatologist around the time that I was switching antibiotics for acne, from minocycline to amoxicillin. It started with red irritated flaky patches of skin below the side of my nose, and then on my forehead as well as on my neck. It has given me bouts of depression since its gotten worse. From what I have read and looked through on the internet I came up with this plan.
    Three 1000 mg flax seed oil capsules a day (to help the skin retain moisture)
    I use Aveno Activenaturals daily lotion when I get out of the shower, otherwise my skin will flake quite bad around my whole nose
    I have also started to take a probiotic to possibly help with balancing my digestive system which I have read may have some relation

    : / any thoughts?

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    Hi Borg

    The Flax Seed Oil capsules, daily lotion and a probiotic sounds like a good plan.

    Best of luck!


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    I have split your post away from another thread as I think other members missed it. From how you describe your skin it sounds a bit like dermatitis. Do you have any photos you could put up?

    I find that I cant take oil based supplements as they make my flushing worse. I guess you will just have to keep a watch and see if you feel they are improving the situation or making it worse.

    Alot of people like the aveeno cream, especially the toleraine one.

    Best wishes


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