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Thread: Another one for you to look at!

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    Default Kprf

    Quote Originally Posted by mattdog323 View Post
    its kprf
    Based on the above into, I concur with Mattdog:


    But strongly advise you to get a complete history and physical exam from a dermatologist to find out what it is. Internet diagnosis is not an exact science and probably not a good idea but at least you are trying to figure out what is happening to you.

    Would you please tell us what happened with your physician visit and what diagnosis you received? It has been months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redhotoz View Post
    Whilst I am quite out of practice, with nobdy to practice with, I have a reasonable handle on Indonesian (very simlar to the Malaysian language) plus enough to get me by in Europe with German, French and Italian. I only know a little bit of the Filipino language.

    Oh hey, I went to a P!NK concert in August and two lovely Indonesian girls were standing next to me outside. I spoke with them and it was great. The words started coming back. Language needs practice, huh!

    I used to be a travel agent and loved to try and pick up even a small amount of a language as I travelled. Sat back with the staff. Mostly they would laugh at me for trying too hard! LOL

    Hi Jen,

    Don't mean to hijack this thread, but I wonder how you are getting on with RLT? Is it still working.

    I saw your origional post well over two years ago on the stikies talking about RTL.

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