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    Default Another one for you to look at!

    Hi guys,

    I've been a lurker here for some time now. I've been aware of my erythema since the age of 18 (I'm now 24), but since my only real problem is an aesthetic one (I don't get the burning or p+p's that many others here suffer from) I've always just put up with it. I did ask my doctor about it a few years ago, but she fobbed me off with 'I can't see anything...redness is normal'. I'm quite the procrastinator but enough's enough and I want my face to be normal. I figured I'd ask for views on here before I have another shot at my doctor. My feeling is it's rosacea, but seb derm and KPRF are possibilities I guess. Some background info that may be relevant to judging my face:

    • I blush quite easily, or at least, I did. My lifestyle now is free of embarrassment triggers but that won't be the case for long
    • I don't have any photos from my teen years, but I have several photos of myself at ages 1 7 or so where I have a red face in the exact outline you see in the pics below. When I came across these pictures I did doubt rosacea, but then again...
    • I flush due to the normal rosacea triggers. Exercise, strong wind/cold, alcohol, stress etc
    • I have Keratosis Pilaris all over my arms, legs and some back and stomach
    • I had ezcema as a kid
    • I have a flaky scalp, which I suspect is Seb Derm. My brother has scalp issues too. I was prescribed some steroid stuff 5 years ago but never used it due to what I read about such treatments. I also have thinnish hair which I put down to the suspected Seb Derm.
    • I've never really had acne. I can count on one hand how many pimples I've EVER had within the red area of my cheeks any pimples that I've had would be on my forehead or chin and these were also uncommon
    • I've never done anything worse to my face than washing with soap a bunch of times when I was a teen

    I'm posting 3 pics which I hope will be adequate. The first is a recent shot of my cheek, and this is how red I ALWAYS am. The 2nd picture is a few years old and was taken after I got home having walked through rain and strong wind. This gives a good idea of how red I get during a flush. The third pic was taken at the same time as pic 2; I've included this in its original high resolution to show what my skin is like.

    Thanks for your time and any thoughts.
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