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Thread: I love spending money on rosacea!!!

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    Smile I love spending money on rosacea!!!

    Hellooo People that are reading this...,
    I'm Mark, long time listener, first time poster... (so if i'm doing this wrong I apologize.)

    Diagnosed with rosacea about 2 and a half years now. Been some hard times for sure. Its Stage 1 to 2 my derm said. Swear I got it from the sun.... Who knows. Anyways, Ive spent a GOOD CHUNK of coin on trying to get myself better or atleast maintain it. Heres a list of what has worked and not worked... Still... Everyones different, but maybe it will help you or give you some ideas to try.

    Metrogel Gel - 1st thing I used, still use it today. no idea if it helps, but doesnt make it worse.
    Minocycline - Started 4 months ago, I swear it started working a month ago.
    Aveeno - Good for itchy spots, love it
    Cetephil - Good moisturizer, but lately kinda irritating, but tolerable
    Hydrovel - (Corticosteroid Topical 2%) Worst thing ever used on my face. Allergic reaction.
    Norritate - Cream metrogel. Caused alot of bumps day after.
    Flaxseed - I think this is really helping.
    Daily One X-Vitamins - I think this is important. And I do think it helps.
    Vitamin A - I don't over do the supplement as it's part of the X-Vitamins and all the carrots I eat.
    Vitamin D + K - 1000 iu supplement of D. Don't care about the K.
    Benodryl - Sounds weird? I use it for itch bumps/skin. Don't get them when I have a small dose of.
    IPL - Went for one session. I know I should of had more sessions. I think it improved it a little in the long run.
    StressPills - Mainly Vitamin B Everything. Less stress. Less Red.
    Prosacea - Definately improves my skin a bit. I mix it with metrogel.
    DCL Super Sheer SPF 50 - This really smooths out the skin, improves it, less red. Would recommend for sure.

    So do you think i'm using this all at once... Not at all. I balance the vitamins, I do not over do any thing that would be harmful. I currently use Metrogel mixed with Prosacea once a night, thin layer. Cetephil when skin is dry. Maybe twice a day thin layer. DCL SPF twice a day. Multi Vitamin once daily, Vitamin A and D twice a week. Aveeno for itchy spots, or Benodryl if really really needed.

    My cheeks are the most red, then my nose, fallowed by bumps over both. Right now you would barely notice the rosacea. But you would see a few spots. I am the most content at this moment then I ever have been with my rosacea and that is why I posted this. Hope this helps. Also. I want to thank absolutely anyone who has ever posted on here. I have read so much. And it has helped (and will in the future) so much in times of stress.
    Thank you!
    -Mark or Marksacea!

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    Hi Mark and welcome to the RF
    Thanks for sharing.

    I'm moving this thread to the newbie section- hope you don't mind.

    Best wishes,

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Forum.

    Regarding your list, Noritate is for very dry skin and can cause breakouts or acne/papules for those prone. It states this on the leaflet or insert. It has a few comedogenic ingredients in it. I used it once - thought it was very gritty/pasty and when I read it "can cause acne" I said forget it! Anyway, Metrogel is a better option.

    I totally agree with you and know I've spent tons of $$ on products over the years. A lot of trial and error - excitement and disappointment. It's great to find things that work when you do.

    Thanks again for your post and chat again soon.

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