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Thread: Breakfast Cereals

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    Default Breakfast Cereals

    Do anybody have trouble with breakfast cereals?
    Just curious,as it seems I heat up more after breakfast cerals(Cherrios).

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    Default Cereals and gluten

    The more things I read about gluten, the more I am tempted to stop eating it as much as I possibly can.

    I have no official diagnosis, but after eating clean and avoiding gluten entirely for about 4 days last week, I had myself a few big bowls of Coco Puffs and I got the runs big time (which involved heating up and feeling all "crimsony").

    I'm going to avoid such cereals for the time being...

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    Perhaps the problem isn't the gluten but what happens to the cereal during the extrusion process:

    Dry breakfast cereals are produced by a process called extrusion. Cereal makers first create a slurry of the grains and then put them in a machine called an extruder. The grains are forced out of a little hole at high temperature and pressure. Depending on the shape of the hole, the grains are made into little o's, flakes, animal shapes, or shreds (as in Shredded Wheat or Triscuits), or they are puffed (as in puffed rice). A blade slices off each little flake or shape, which is then carried past a nozzle and sprayed with a coating of oil and sugar to seal off the cereal from the ravages of milk and to give it crunch.

    In his book Fighting the Food Giants, Paul Stitt tells us that the extrusion process used for these cereals destroys most of the nutrients in the grains. It destroys the fatty acids; it even destroys the chemical vitamins that are added at the end. The amino acids are rendered very toxic by this process. The amino acid lysine, a crucial nutrient, is especially denatured by extrusion. This is how all the boxed cereals are made, even the ones sold in the health food stores. They are all made in the same way and mostly in the same factories. All dry cereals that come in boxes are extruded cereals.

    The only advances made in the extrusion process are those that will cut cost regardless of how these will alter the nutrient content of the product. Cereals are a multi-billion dollar business, one that has created huge fortunes.

    With so many people eating breakfast cereals, you might expect to find some studies on the effect of extruded cereals on animals or humans. Yet, there are no published studies at all in the scientific literature.
    Click here for the entire article.
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    Only breakfast cereal doesn't give me the runs since I had my gallbladder out is Rice Krispies or Cornflakes. I used to eat porridge but can't anymore and any cereal that has wholegrain, forget it I don't mind I love Rice Krispies and sometimes even have a bowl for supper.

    I Don't think it's to do with the fact that they would be the lowest in gluten value, (they are not gluten free as they contain barley malt) as I eat bread ok, I just think that the more wholesome wholegrain types are maybe a bit hard on the digestive system if it is not working at its best for whatever reason and many of us have identities with unhappy digestive system and toilet habits = unhappy face.

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    There has been alot of stories in the UK about just how unhealthy breakfast cereals are with regards sugar/fat content. Perhaps it is this that is causing the problems. I tend to just try to stick to porridge with a little honey.

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    so I take 50 mg doxycycline every morning, so I went on a bit of a search to find a breakfast food that doesn't contain minerals. here is the ONLY one I found:

    and actually upon second glance a serving does contain 2% of the daily value of iron - but I think that I can deal. of course this means that I have to add unfortified rice milk so that I don't get any calcium or magnesium in there (of course tetracyclines bind to all minerals) but that's ok with me as it seems milk makes phlegmy. TMI I know.

    Just thought I'd put that out there

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    In general, when I eat anything with a high carb content or sugar-I get flushing. Add to that the numerous high % vitamins often added to cereal (some even containing niacin vs niacinamide), and I think it might account for your flushing.

    I don't experience difficulty with oatmeal. I eat it fresh with no sugar added and raisins/walnuts. The fiber content helps stabilize blood sugar and it's tasty too
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    Quote Originally Posted by banshee View Post
    niacin vs niacinamide
    Yep. Most cereals are enriched, niacin being a big additive.

    Um, if someone robbed me of a dollar and gave me back 80 cents, I probably wouldn't feel enriched, but that's another story.

    Ever notice your pee after eating fortified cereal? Neon yellow and stinky. That's the B vitaminns. Flush flush flush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martineargent View Post

    Well, I have problem with Cereals as it gives me the acidity problems always.The bad news is that 23 of the top 27 cereals marketed to children rated only Good or Fair for nutrition. There is at least as much sugar in a serving of Kellogg's Honey Smacks and 10 other rated cereals as there is in a glazed doughnut from Dunkiní Donuts".While it's very easy to get upset about added sugar in cereal, nobody seems to notice all the damn CARBS in that crap!!! I don't know the correct reason for the cereals.

    Carbs aren't the problem as long as they're complex but I agree with you - most cereal is garbage and it can be hard to find something decent. You could make it yourself by basically making granola or if you're like me and like to try different things anyway, you could try Uncle Sam (there is an unfortified version if you can find it) and I know Kashi makes a cereal without sugar. It has little fiber though so you may want to add a tablespoon or two of flax. And I'm not religious by any stretch of the imagination, but I swear Ezekiel 4:9 cereal by Food for Life Baking Co is delicious.

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    Default cereal

    i've had pretty good luck with kashi's "heart healthy" cereal..they look like cherrios....

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