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Thread: basmati rice and dr hauschka!!

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    Default basmati rice and dr hauschka!!

    Hi. I wanted to post on here to share my experience with you. Last December I woke up one morning with a red burning face and displayed the symptoms of rosacea for the next few months. Everytime someone turned a radiator on (or anything that produced a bit of heat), was stressed slightly or ate food, I would flush badly and my skin would burn. The doctor blamed stress and I dont think my family took me very seriously - they could see my red cheeks but could not realise how much it burned! My skin felt extremely tight aswell although this was not visible to anyone. I was trying out some stomach acid tablets before this happened as Ive had digestive troubles for a while now and thought maybe these tablets were the cause, I also thought I may have possibly got windburn but I really dont know. Anyway my symptoms looked like rosacea and the symptoms were the same as rosacea too.

    I have been free from this flushing now for nearly six months! I basically lived of basmati rice and followed the ayuverdic pitta pacifying diet but did not eat any wheat, gluten or dairy. Not a very interesting diet but I didnt flush when I ate it! Eventually to get my skin feeling normal again I gave up moisturiser which felt very uncomfortable but it allowed my skin to regenerate. I began using the Dr Hauschka regime which helped my skin into a natural rhythm again so I no longer had the anxiety of relying on creams etc. I think I was also taking supplements at the time like MSM and L-glutamine to help.

    I dont flush anymore. I hav a few broken veins from this time and also red veins in my eyes (as my eyes burned during this time). The only time I have flushed (but not severly atall)in the last few months is when I've used my laptop I bought this year. But I've used radiation absorbing crystals and a screen filter to help this. im planning to buy some more powerful radiation protection once I have some money!

    I thought I would share my story with you incase it was of any use to anyone. I definatley believe that a diet to reduce acidity and heat along with some good skin products(that are free from bad ingredients (such as mineral oil and propylene glycol etc etc) can really help.
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