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Thread: redness around mouth and clogged pores on nose..

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    Default redness around mouth and clogged pores on nose..

    Ive been having this problem going on two years. Boh sides of my chin right uder the corner of where your lips meet. It kind of resembles perioral dermatitis, but there is no pimples. Once in awhile i may get some, but not often. Its just always red! It gets dry after I get out of the shower and is tight. Its not very painful, but just awful to look at and brings my self confidence down. What could it be? Perioral dermatitis? Would antibiotics work to take away this red rash type substance? Also, with nose it seems that its always in the same exact spot where I break out, a few pimples right next to eachother come up, get whiteheads, go away and come back a day or two later. Its always red around that area. The other side I had the problem awhile back and was more severe, but it hasnt broke out in months, jus enlarged pores. The side thats bothering me is like big open pores, u could see the individual pore develope into the blemish. Like little holes. Give me some insight on this. Thanks...

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    Hi Chi_guy.

    I have this prob too, not on my chin but on the area of skin that runs from nose down to corner of the mouth. I also get it around my eyes. Unfortunately my derm has never seen me not flushed and is convinced it is just rosacea. Maybe it is but I think it is perioral derm. Tetracycline drugs are meant to clear it. Unfortunately I can't tolerate them. I having some semi-success with a topical clindamycin lotion which studies have found is equal to taking 500mg of tetracycline a day. Metrogel also seems to help but doesn't get rid of it.

    Roaccutane seems to flair it up.

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    Has a dermatologist seen it? that would be my first suggestion.

    Otherwise perhaps you could you post a photo? it is hard to guess from the description but could well be a combination of a coulple of different things. Dr Chu has just prescribed my differin gel from the blocked pores that I get on and around my nose. I am hesitant to use this product as it can make my rosacea worse , however when I used it previously it worked well at clearing pores and reducing their size.

    Not sure about around your mouth area.

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