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    Hello -

    I just found out a few weeks ago (after switching dermatologist) that I'm suffering with Rosacea, not Acne. So, for 2 years I've been treated with Acne Medication (which worked) but after deciding to start a family I had to discontinue using the medications. After a month or so, the inflammation and papules were back. So, I decided to see if there was something else I could use that wouldn't be harmful if I would to become pregnant. She prescribed Finacea and gave me a cleanser and mask. I've been doing this for a little over a week and i can see some changes (the inflammation is gone), but the papules are still there and it even seems like more has come up since starting. Anyone have/had similar reaction, how long should I wait before deciding it's not effective?


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    Hi Peniel and welcome to the RF.

    It can take time for these topicals to start working and it is a positive sign that you can already see reduced inflammation. Some people even report a remission of their rosacea symptoms with pregnancy but of course everyone is different.

    Hopefully your pregnancy will put your rosacea symptoms into remission.
    Best of luck!


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