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Thread: Any reason not to buy this?

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    Default Any reason not to buy this?

    I think I've found a low-cost solution in the UK but I wanted to check with the experts buy I buy it and waste money.

    It has 2 90 LED bulbs ( at 650-660nm.

    I think it meets all the criteria but better safe than sorry.

    I also really want to try near-infra red too but I'm having trouble sourcing the bulbs - I did find one but that was 1000nm - which is a bit on the high side right? Wikipedia says near-infrared goes up to 1400nm, but someone here said 1064nm (or something similar)

    If I do manage to find a couple of near-infrared bulbs. Does it matter if I do them separately to the red (I want to reuse the same light fitting and just change the bulbs)

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    I've found success using Red Light Therapy so I'll give my 2 cents...

    IMO, the wavelength and closeness of diodes are most important factors. These fall into the optimal wavelength of 650-660nm and they look packed together pretty close. As far as I know, LED light is LED light meaing it doesn't matter what form it comes in whether it be a growbulb or a device specifically made for treating rosacea/wounds/etc.

    Other considerations are the degree angle, the ones I've had success with are 30 degrees and these are rated 20-30 degrees. Also, the forward current of each diode (milliamps) will affect how long you need to treat yourself to get enough joules to make the treatment effective, my diodes are rated at 30ma each but I used a multimeter to measure them and I think they actually only draw 20ma each. You might be able to get that info from the company selling the bulbs. Anyways, I think it's a good option to get your feet wet with Red light and see if it works for you without having spend much money.

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