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Thread: Yag for facial spider veins

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    Default Yag for facial spider veins

    Share your success or failure? What kind of laser was used, what is your skin tone, where are your veins located (mainly on the cheeks or nose?, and how many treatments did you have?

    I've seen a lot of stuff on here about V-beam but I'm looking into Yag.

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    There are alot of older threads on the yag (often under the brand names). Here is one to get you started:

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    I went to a new derm yesterday. I was afraid after having read some stories on the forum but all was very well. I don't know the details of the lasers that he used but he said me that it was an Ipl and the other a Yag. He used the both. The yag for the visible capillarity on me nose and the Ipl for the redness on my cheeks and my nose. For the redness, it's still there but it's nomal. I think that I have to wait one month. But for the capillarity, they are completly gone. I'm very satisfied. And the best is that it cost me only 75 euros (+/- 100$)... I hope I'll see good result too for my redness...
    I asked him for the Genesis laser because I know that he has one but he said me that it's a good laser but for the redness I will have to do maybe 6 treatments to have a result that I can have with maybe 2 traetments with an Ipl...
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