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Thread: Coloring hair

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    Default Coloring hair

    Hi guys, I hope this is the right section.

    I'm thinking of coloring my hair a dark mahogany, with reddish undertones. Do those of you with reddish tones in your hair find it makes the redness/pinkness in your face stand out, or do you think it helps blend it in? Just curious before I purchase the color. =) Thanks.

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    Hi Lauren,

    I think this topic has been touched upon before but I cannot remember the outcome. I believe that the concensus was that yes red brings out the red in your skin but I have reddish highlights in my hair (dark auburn) and I don't feel it is makes my rosacea look worse. I think you need to go with what you feel would look best with your skin tone and rest of your coloring.

    Also, you can consult the beauty brains as I am sure they must have info on this topic.

    I do know that Phlika prefers no red at all in her hair or wardrobe because of the rosacea LOL but maybe she can elaborate on that if she sees this thread.

    Best wishes,

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    I am going to be on the side that more red in your hair will make the redness in your skin more prominent.
    I just think for example about wearing a red blouse or sweater.....wouldn't you think any redness in the cheeks is going to be brought out.
    Same as with people who have blue eyes want them to be noticed, they would wear a blue blouse. When my husband wears a blue shirt...all of a sudden I see how blue his eyes are.
    And, I think an artist would say adding the same color in 2 different places on a canvas will draw a person's eye to connect those colors and notice the shade more.
    Or for that matter....what would happen if a person with rosacea red cheeks were to wear a red lipstick.....I don't think this would be a good move.'s only hair dye and you can do it as an experiment.
    Maybe if you feel like a change you could just use one of the glaze things that is supposed to add alot of shine...
    I have dark hair and I would think more of a glaze than adding auburn/red tones.
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    I have dark brown hair and have my color done and highlights. While I like auburn and a slightly warmer look, I request my colorist to formulate my toner to suit my color tone including eyes and also not to make it too warm. I've had in the past, colorists formulate the color with too much gold/redness or warmth, and I notice my Rosacea stands out more when I'm not wearing makeup. Keeping the formulation slightly more "neutral" with a hint of warmth (if your skin isn't too cool or pale) I think is best for those of us with Rosacea.

    Happy highlighting!


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    Default I color my hair reddish

    not extemely bright, but certainly red. The red in red hair is more of an orange than red. It does not bring out the red in my face at all. Just make sure whatever color you do is soft. I find that harsh colors emphasize the red. Funny thing though, I found that wearing red glasses makes my cheeks seem less red in comparison.

    I do use blush to even out the red tones in my face....but then that's what works for me, not necessarily for everyone. When I spoke to my Dr today he agreed that I looked like someone just slapped my across my face, that's why the blush along with Dermablend works for me.

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    Agreeing with mossfern - also coppery hues are nice on people with pink/red tones to their skin. it's kind of like how yellow helps neutralize red when used in face powders. I'm a liscensed hair-doer so I feel qualified here

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    Smile Interesting thread!

    I have my hair laced with blonde,red and gold low-lites which all together make a soft (yet I hope striking effect!).

    Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself!

    I was just worried at first that using any hair colour would cause a flush..........however,
    so far so good!

    Hope it turns/turned out well!


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