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Thread: Moisturizer with mineral makeup?

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    Question Moisturizer with mineral makeup?

    I've had rosacea for years and have lots of redness to cover. I've heard that mineral makeup is good for a person's skin, so I've started using it. However, I've noticed a lot of dryness. I had surgery about 6 months ago, so I'm not sure if my system is still kinda messed up because of that, or whether the mineral makeup is making my skin extra dry. The dry patches are around my mouth (laugh lines) and at my temple area near the outside of my eyes. Just kinda flaky and dry -- ewwww.

    FIrst, does anyone else use mineral makeup to cover the rosacea? Second, do you find that you need extra moisturizer with it? Third, what kind of moisturizer do you feel is most beneficial without aggravating the rosacea?

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    Hi CandleMom,

    I find that mineral makeup makes my dry skin even more so and therefore I was unable to successfully wear it. However some people here love mineral makeup. I guess the trick is moisturising your face well enough to allow it to adhere and not cake up throughout the day. Not sure if they make a specific brand of mineral makeup directed towards those with drier skin but that would be something to look into.

    Here are some threads that you may find helpful.
    Some people find applying jojoba oil or emu oil underneath the makeup helpful.

    and here is a thread from the RSC that is informative.


    Best wishes,

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    Default Mineral make-up

    Hi Candle Mom
    I've had rosacea for many years and have searched high and low for a good foundation to give an even coverage for my red, pimply face. I can highly recommend Jane Iredale mineral base foundation - I went to their salon today - for the first time in years, I actually looked pale. My skin is dry, like yours, but you first moisturise, then spray a water base and brush the mineral on - it's not cheap, but it does work. Fantastic - give it a try.

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