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Thread: Ocular Rosacea and Probiotics

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    Default Ocular Rosacea and Probiotics

    I found this article on DryEye Zone and thought it was interesting.

    OPHTHALMOLOGY NEWS Perspectives on probiotics

    Probiotics are being hailed to help treat gastrointestinal tract problems, counteract the side effects of antibiotics, and offer general immune support. In fact, their benefits have turned them into a nutritional marketing tool as food manufacturers add them to products ranging from yogurt to cereal to granola bars.

    Probiotics also may have an intriguing place in ophthalmology, particularly to help treat allergic conjunctivitis and inflammation from ocular rosacea or inflammatory dry eye.

    “There’s possibly a very interesting role for probiotics in ophthalmology, either orally or topically,” said Robert Latkany, M.D., founder and director, Dry Eye Clinic, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, New York.

    Full article and pictures
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    Thanks for the info Kristen

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