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Thread: Cetaphil For Dry Sensitive Skin + Olay Beauty Fluid Sensitive

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    Default Cetaphil For Dry Sensitive Skin + Olay Beauty Fluid Sensitive

    Hi everyone, i saw a testimonial about this two products, i would like to know what do you think:

    . Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar For Dry Sensitive Skin
    . Olay Beauty Fluid Sensitive

    the original testimonial ( from yahoo rosacea - support group ) :

    "Hello everyone. I haven't posted for a long time because I didn't
    > have anything positive to share. But now I do... and it is very
    > simple.
    > I have tried many many different cleansers and every single one just
    > leaves me with the same red face with a dry tight feeling. This soap
    > has removed the redness, hives on my forehead, and bumps around my
    > nose, chin, etc..., and at the same time leaving my face feel fresh
    > and soft. The cleanser I am speaking of is: CETAPHIL BAR FOR DRY
    > AND SENSITIVE SKIN, contains no soap. It literally cleared my
    > forehead up overnight and my forehead looks almost completely new. I
    > never thought anything would ever help. I have had red and burning
    > all over for so long but you would not believe the difference. This
    > is not a soap. It contains no soap so it doesnt irritate your skin.
    > It is amazing. Please try it. I have tried the Cetaphil in the
    > plastic bottle but that just left me red and tight still and didnt
    > clear up the bumps. I discovered it one night on one of my searches
    > on the interent. It was a sight that was related to the Rosacea LTD
    > III. I have never tried this but the good advice I got from that
    > site was that they said only use CETAPHL DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN BAR.
    > IRRITATE YOUR SKIN. Please try it and tell me what results you
    > have. I believe you will be impressed by it. I don't even look like
    > I have Rosacea anymore and I have had it for the last 5 years. I am
    > 33, and a REDHEAD.
    > The moisturizer that I have also simultaneously discovered that is
    > working, not burning, and healing my skin is: OIL OF OLAY SENSITIVE
    > SKIN BEAUTY FLUID. I have tried so many moisturizers and they all
    > leave me red, make me more red, and leave me feeling tight.
    > The other important step is TO DRINK PLENTY OF WATER, VERY MINIMAL
    > I am not using any metrogel or anything of this sort and my skin is
    > really turning around. I believe stick to the basics and you will
    > see improvement.
    > Here are just a few products that i have tried and did not work:
    > Cleansers: cerave, aquanil, cetaphil in the plastic bottle. These
    > All irritated my skin and left me dry, red and tight.
    > Moisturizers which did not work: eucerin redness relief, cerave
    > Lotion, cerave cream. There are many others i have tried but these
    > Are just some.
    > Products that i have tried that did not work for me:
    > Noredol, zen med.
    > Once again: my regimen that turned my moderate to advanced rosacea
    > Around overnight: cetaphil dry and sensitive skin bar(no soap in
    > It), oil of olay sensitive skin beauty fluid, water water water, very
    > Low amounts of sugar in your diet, no soda, cut down on red meat.
    > Also berries, blackberries, blueberries, but dont eat to much, just
    > An okay amount. Complete efa pills at trader joes and a multivitamin.
    > The thing that is so great is that these products are not so
    > expensive, can be found anywhere and is just back to the basics.
    > Please try these steps and I hope you see a difference. Let me
    > know. All these steps that I list above are from extensive research
    > on the internet. I believe that all these other miracle products
    > just irritate the skin more and that you need to keep your products
    > very basic. But truly the CETAPHIL DRY Sensitive SKIN BAR was
    > miraculous. My redness and hives on my face had almost completely
    > disappeared overnight. Please try these steps and tell me your
    > results.
    > Good Luck and God Bless."

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    Glad to hear about your breakthrough.

    It seems though that it is always true that what works for one doesn't work for another. Unfortunately the Cetaphil soap for sensitive skin actually did not work for me at all. It caused me redness/ irritation and dryness. So it was not a cure for my rosacea. I cannot tolerate the cetaphil skin cleanser in the plastic pump container either.

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