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Thread: Support group and Derms in Indianapolis?

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    Default Support group and Derms in Indianapolis?

    Anyone have any Derm recommendations in the Indy area?

    I have seen two derms who have diagnosed me with Seb Derm. One was actually treating me for Rosacea according to the second Dr. even though he marked as clear as day Seb Derm.

    Also, is there any sort of local support group for Rosacea and Seb. Derm? I would think it would be a valuable thing to have some local friends with the same issues. A local group could also pool together...and find a local Derm to work with.

    Just me thinking..sorry if these have been asked before.

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    Bringing back to the top. Has anyone heard of a good Rosacea Dr. in Indiana?

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    Update -

    I found a very good derm in Indianapolis area in Carmel. The office is a derm office with a skin center in it as well with lasers, peals etc... It is called Shideler Dermatology

    They have three doctors, Dr. Shideler who has 29+ years as well as teachers at Indiana University. They also have Dr. Bushong (knew her stuff) who i saw who has been practicing for 20+ years, Yale affiliated and also a pharmacist.

    The office is nice and so is the staff. They have lasers as well. the web site is

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