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Thread: Does Organic Oatmeal contain gluten/wheat?

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    Default Does Organic Oatmeal contain gluten/wheat?

    Dumb question I suppose...Does Oatmeal contain or a source of wheat or gluten?

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    Not a dumb question at all.

    Here is an excerpt from Gluten Free girl that may be helpful

    Even though pure oats do not contain gluten, almost all oats produced in the United States are contaminated. They are made in giant factories that also produce wheat (flour on the conveyor belts), stored next to wheat grains, and grown in fields next to wheat. Did you know that if oats are grown in the same field that contained wheat the season before, those could be contaminated?

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    I recently have been eating Quinoa flakes and it is a good breakfast meal. It doesn't have gluten and is a good source of protein/not too carb dense either. I personally think I have issues with sugar.

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    I love quinoa!!! What do you put on the flakes?

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