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    I recently finished my low-dose Accutane course and was looking for a topical(s) to keep my acne from really coming back. My health insurance has recently cut out (I'll be able to get in back in a month or two), so I was looking for something non-prescription to trial for the time being. I remember reading that sodium sulfacetamide-sulfur products can be beneficial for acne, Rosacea, and even seb derm, all three of which I have or have had in the past. Are there any non-prescription sodium sulfacetamide-sulfur products that you've tried, and if so, how did you like them? Thanks.

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    I think sulfacetamide is prescription-only but I'm not sure.

    I use 10% about twice a day and at first it burned my cheeks (was fine on my forehead, nose and chin) but after laser I started to tolerate it more. I get small whiteheads occasionally and it clears them up pretty quick without irritating the rosacea.

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