"Facial Veins and Rosacea"

"The Lyra laser is uniquely adapted to treat small facial veins which until now have been very difficult to eliminate. The same wavelength of laser light used to destroy the hair shaft, and hence follicle, is also absorbed by the hemoglobin molecule in the red cells floating in the blood vessel. Like the hair shaft it serves as a target to transform light energy to heat and destroy the vessel. This applies to the condition of rosacea which is microscopically nothing more than a large cluster of vessels below the surface of the skin. The largest blood vessel collection is a Port Wine Stain. We have successfully treated these as well as small cherry hemangiomas on the face and elsewhere. Careful examination will allow us to determine if these lasers are right for you."

Hmmm seems to me if rosacea is a large cluster of vessels below the skin it should be easier to treat...I don't get it..