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Thread: Mineral Makeup?

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    Default Mineral Makeup?

    I've heard that mineral makeup is the healthiest makeup for people with rosacea. I've recently started using Pur Mineral makeup, and I love the corage, but I find that it leaves my skin feeling a bit dry. Ok, maybe it's cuz I'm 47, but I don't recall feeling dry when I used to use liquid makeups -- just kinda greasy.

    First, is mineral makeup REALLY the way to go? And if so, can you recommend a good moisturizer that won't leave me feeling greasy or red?

    I'm using the Dermalogic skin care line and it seems to do well, except I can't find a decent moisturizer. Help?

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    Personally, I think mineral is better for skin as I don't break out as much when I use it as opposed to thick liquids or cremes, also less chemicals, less irritants etc. so it would seem like it's better to use mineral makeup for rosacea skin.

    I'd like to get to the point eventually where I can use tinted moisturizer only but right now that's not an option. For now I really like everyday minerals but I have combo skin so mineral makeup for me is always oily in the tzone and then dry yet oily at the same time on my cheeks etc. I've been using Maybellines Pure mineral crap lately because I have no more everyday minerals and while the coverage is good it makes me really dry not to mention I don't think it's as "pure" as claimed especially compared to my edm.

    If you like the mineral makeup you're using now and it reacts well to your skin aside from the dryness then I do suggest continuing with it and just finding a good moisturizer. I too am having a lot of problems concerning moisturizer though and have yet to find one I actually like and that reacts well to my skin. A Lot of people seem to really like the Cerave lotion here, so that's the next thing I'm going to try, and also my suggestion as far as moisturizer goes. Hopefully others will have some recommendations as I'm curious on this topic too.
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    Hi Candlemom

    I have heard some great reviews for mineral makeup from some rosaceans and others dont get on at all with it. I seems that you have to make sure your face is well moisturised before applying it and gradually build up layers i think.

    With regards a good non greasy moisturizer how about something like cetaphil?

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    Hi Candlemom,

    Try Jane Iredale's line of mineral makeup. She's actually one of the original mineral makeup brands. I am 48 with dry sensitive skin. My rosacea manifests as lots of redness and sometimes swelling on my cheeks. I use the pressed powder version and get light coverage if I want it or great coverage if I use more. It is totally nonirritating,and I dont' even feel it on during the day. It is also highly water resistant, which means it stays on during my heavy gym workouts and my late afternoon/early evening swims.

    Just make sure your skin is well moisturized before you put it on. You can purchase on line but you might want to go to her website to find a salon so you know what shade to purchase.

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