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Thread: Good derm in the Niagara/Buffalo area?

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    Default Good derm in the Niagara/Buffalo area?

    I would like to find a derm there. Anyone got any suggestions?

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    Default This may seem like a late response

    My name is John, I live in Williamsville. I and a friend are looking for people to try a safe, non steroidal, topical ointment for free and let us know of their results. We developed this because my partner suffers from Rosacea and he put together this ointment because he hated the traditional therapies which involved the cure being just a little better than the disease.
    I am assuming since you've posted on the Rosecea board you are currently dealing with the problem. If you know anyone else who would like to try a free sample in Western New York and let us know what they think, Please let me know. I believe that you can leave a message with me. The only strings attached are that we want to have an honest appraisal of the product.
    We have experienced nothing short of sensational results in our own little sampling and we would like to get further comments from individuals who might want to try something that's different to treat their condition.
    Thanks, I don't know if I'll hear from you but if you read this, Good luck..

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