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Thread: Oregano oil - effects fading predictably

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    Quote Originally Posted by moka View Post
    Is that supposed to happen? I know that 100% pure oregano oil is pretty strong stuff, but is that a normal reaction?
    Yes that is normal - oregano oil is very strong and irritating to skin/tissues.

    The best way is to put the drop(s) in an empty gelatin capsule.

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    Good to know it's a common problem.
    I would have taken capsules if they didn't have olive oil in them. Unfortunately, olive oil always makes me breakout so I try to stay away from it...

    Regarding the supplements - I am currently taking Omega 3 and Chinese herbs tea that my acupuncturist prepares. I think that they are both helping, but maybe it's time for me to add something else. I tried HCL but it didn't seem to do anything for me. And according to Chinese medicine I should avoid garlic. The caprylic acid looks good though, I might try that if I give up using the oregano oil.

    Thanks for the tip, Steve! I had no idea that I can purchase empty capsules... I'll definitely look into that.

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