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Thread: Does anybody else have rosacea on eyelids?

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    Default Does anybody else have rosacea on eyelids?

    Ive noticed that ever since I got rosacea, my eyelids are red, they would normally be white since I rarely go outside, but they are red, but doesnt look like blepharitis, doesnt bother me at all. Just wondering if this is rosacea or may seb derm. I cant find any pictures online that look mine. They arent really severe like blepharitis, not flaky, just look kind of dry and red.

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    Do you mean close to the eye or around the eyebrow area?

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    YES! My upper lids are pinkish and have a network of veins all over them and my lower lids are just very red.
    This came on like gangbusters about 2 years ago..
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