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Thread: General questions, 22 year old male

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    Default General questions, 22 year old male

    Quick backstory:
    -Prone to blushing my entire life
    -Had acne as a teen, took Accutane and enjoyed great skin for 4 years or so
    -Got sunburnt a few times on my cheeks during clear skin period, soon became pre-rosacea (i.e. the sunburn just never went away, stayed pink for a year or so)
    -Started intense exercise regimen with massive flushing afterward, didn't think anything of it as my face has always been red after exertion
    -Sometime in the past year developed permanent redness on cheeks/temples with much greater tendency to flush. I don't really have much P&P - just generalized erythema.

    Got a few questions though.

    -Does the brand of IPL really matter all that much? I had one done a couple days ago on an Ellipse I2PL machine which is new (first launched in 2005)
    -Does taking a beta blocker noticeably help with flushing?
    -Has anyone successfully treated their non P&P rosacea with topicals?
    -Should I absolutely get a prescription for a macrolide antibiotic for my next IPL?

    And finally.......

    -What are my chances of achieving any matter of clearance from this horrible disease? I don't want perfect skin - I just don't want to be RED anymore and be scared of flushing. Hell, I liked my pre-rosacea face. The slightly pink cheeks made me look like I had sort of a perma-tan and added a nice color to my face. Any chance I'll end up back there (or better)?

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    Default hey

    ipl lasers do work they can acually clear a lot off the redness but in most cases u need 5 or six treatments,u will prob find accutane caused ur redness it takes years and years to get sun damaged skin,
    Whilst on accutane ur skin is far more sensitve.

    antibiotics before laser surgery whats the point they are only 4 p&p
    lotions for the face they dont clear up redness.
    They only thing that clears up redness is lasers u aim should be to treat the entire flush zone and aim to clear all the red ness ive had 16 laser treatment over 3 years and look fine.

    Make sure a dermoltoligist is doing the laser work its more money but just normal skin clinics can do damage, know this from experence.
    beta blockers yes they can help,
    dixirt is the best to control a flush but u cant be on it evey day the same with beta blockers after 2 months of being on this just ur body gets amuned to it and u get really really bad rebound flushes
    so dixirit 3-4 times a week great it relly does work.
    lay of the lotions,roxa cure prop the best but doent do jack.
    antibiotics are only 4 p&ps unless u want to screw ur liver up.
    ipl lasers great for clearing up redness providing it gets down properly.

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