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Thread: Cautionary tale-antihistamines + sinus infection

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    Default Cautionary tale-antihistamines + sinus infection

    Hello everyone:
    Just wanted to mention that I have been faithfully using a antihistamine daily for months. I set my daily pills aside ahead of time so I wasn't really thinking about what I take when I popped my pills in the morning. Anyway, I got a bad cold about a week and one-half ago and it has turned into the worst sinus infection I've ever had. I even ended up with pink eye because the sinus drainage had nowhere to go and was unusually thick (a side effect of the antihistamine). I've had sinus infections in the past but this was by far the very worst. I was very, very ill from this. Then I found out that antihistamines can thicken mucous when you have a cold or infection. So if you get sick, you might want to forgo your antihistamine if you take it as part of your regimen. I wish I had...yeesh.
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    Thanks for that info.

    I had a cold 2 weeks ago that only lasted a few days but I got the worst headache I ever had around the same time and it lasted 10 days! I am sure it was a sinus headache if not a sinus infection and I do take a daily antihistamine so I wonder if that contributed to the sinus headache.
    I never had such an longlasting and awful headache. It finally went away 2 days ago and it feels so good to be free of it. Next time I get a cold I will be staying away from the antihistamines

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    You are talking about antihistamines taken orally?
    I got an antihistamine nose spray (constant problems with stuffed nose/sinuses, regular sinus infections) today... and after the first use my nose started running like crazy. Not sure if it will be the same long term. I guess, I'll find out.

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