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Thread: Rosacea, Keratosis Pilaris, or something else?

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    Default Rosacea, Keratosis Pilaris, or something else?

    I'm 38 and I've had KP my whole life, although it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I knew anyone else had it, or that it had a name. It is mainly just concentrated on the backs of my upper arms, and it's not something I've read much about or worried about since I became an adult (it drove me crazy as a child). I've also always had "rosy cheeks" or the kind of complexion I always associate with English children, with perhaps occasional bumpiness. However, in the last year I've noticed that when I am in the sun even for a short period, like 15 minutes, my cheeks will flush and itch like crazy, especially my lower cheeks (below my cheekbones down to my jaw).

    And now, since December or so, I have a patch of red, bumpy skin on my cheek that won't go away and seems to "flare up" with tiny whiteheads and/or pustules. My mother suggested rosacea, and I'd determined that must be what it was, until I started reading more about KP and now I'm thinking that's what it is instead. I don't have this problem across my nose or on both cheeks, as seems typical with rosacea. I've attached a photo - you can see the bumps fairly clearly.

    My only question is, if it is KP, wouldn't going in the sun actually help instead of exacerbating the problem? And I seem to be reading all kinds of things - don't use moisturizer, use lots of moisturizer, don't use harsh cleaning agents, use something with green tea oil in it (which I find to be fairly harsh, i.e. drying), etc. It's so hard to sort out the right treatment! I have an appointment with my general MD in March, who will then have to refer me to a dermatologist, but in the meantime I was hoping to try something that might help since I really hate how this looks. I use mineral makeup which covers it fairly well and doesn't seem to aggravate it, but I still wish it wasn't there.

    TIA for any advice or suggestions!
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    Hi and welcome

    I am not really sure what it is but my guess would be neither rosacea or KP. Of course there are many skin diseases and so it could be any number of things. It might be worth looking into seb derm or folliculitis (maybe).

    It is just one patch?
    Does it itch? feel dry &/or greasy?
    Have you tried using any medication for it?

    Perhaps it is worth going to see a pharmacist in the meantime as they will have seen many skin conditions. I am sure there will others with completely different opinions

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    That's most likely KP.

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