After my Vbeams I was in the sun unprotected.... big error.... now I'm back to square 0 now


"These results demonstrate that acute UVB irradiation leads to a shift toward a proangiogenic environment and they suggest that the balance between VEGF and TSP-1 plays a critical role in the control of angiogenesis and vascular regression induced by acute UVB irradiation."



"Ultraviolet-A radiation represents a significant proportion of the ultraviolet solar spectrum that was recently shown to affect gene expression of epidermal keratinocytes by molecular mechanisms distinct from ultraviolet-B radiation."

"Whereas UVA irradiation failed to upregulate VEGF/VPF expression in primary epidermal keratinocytes (Longuet-Perret et al. 1998), UVA was reported to strongly induce VEGF/VPF expression in the spontaneously immortalized keratinocyte cell line HaCaT (Mildner et al. 1999)."

What the **** is HaCaT cells? UVB strongly upregulates VEGF expression in primary epidermal keratinicytes.

Why am I interested in this? Well, UVA thickens the epidermis by more than 10% (UVB thickens it by 25%).

It would be interesting to know if someone with terrible vascular rosacea had tried getting some UVA by a tanning lamp or something.