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Thread: question about spironactoclone

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    Default question about spironactoclone

    I know I totally did not spell that right! anyway does is help with oil and pores inflammation, also does it help with nasal swelling or phymatous changes?

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    all spiro does is block the androgen producing excessive testosterone. as a result, those that have acne due to their hormones (as well as lots of oil) will be benefited. it doesn't do anything else.

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    Actually it also lowers blood pressure. Sometimes they give it to people with heart/kidney/high blood pressure problems.

    Be careful if you take this. There is some debate about whether or not it's carcinogenic (like metrogel). Also if you have normal blood pressure (like I did!) it can really really lower your bp.

    I did find that helped my skin somewhat with redness...probably because my blood pressure was so low, though. It also helped with acne, but I know for sure that mine was hormonal (I have PCOS).

    Good luck

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