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Thread: water softeners and eczema

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    Default water softeners and eczema

    Thought this may be of interest to someone:

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    Thanks Sarah. That is very interesting info.
    We have softer water in NYC than other locations but I wonder if we should try a water softener and see if it helps. Greg gets eczema on his hands, legs and elbows in the winter time. I will let you know if anything comes of this. Thanks again

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    Never having had exzema, and not exactly wishing to have it, I'm sold. I'm getting softened water in our new house. Why take the risk and if softened water helps even one thing on my skin, I don't see why I shouldn't use it.

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    We installed the Aquasauna water filter in our shower a few months ago. It does seem to help a little bit. My face is a little less red/dry after showering and my hair is not as dull/dry as it was before installation. Hoping to find a water filter for our bathroom sink....


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