Hello everybody,

Yellow dye #5 (tartrazine) seems to be a big trigger for me, I'm finding out. I think it's making my eyelids swell and my face is redder too. At night I eat ice cream for a snack (the half fat type or frozen yogurt, so it's not really horribly fattening) and noticed that after eating any that have yellow 5 in them, my upper eyelids are worse. It's so disappointing because the one is so good (it's called Take the Cake)! I'm on a steroid eye drop but tapering off the dose now, so I only take it at night. I really think the swelling is from the yellow 5 and not the decrease in the Alrex dosage. So many things have that dye in them, even my multivitamins. I've been reading that yellow 5 is a big trigger for rosacea and can make eyelids swollen. Does anyone else have problems with that dye?