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    People talk about these as being some kind of holy grail when it comes to Rosacea.

    I've taken them on and off for around a year. lots of different types, but usually containing massive amounts of lactobacillus acidophilus. I've never noticed any differences in my skin at all.

    However, no one really is able to say which brand is the best/type to use for skin issues.

    Can anyone point me in a direction for Probiotics that specifically help with problem skin?

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    Great question. I hope several people can share their experiences with what probiotics are helpful as it may well be an important factor from what i read.

    For me this seemed to help
    I used only one box (1 per day for 10 days) and it seemed to help. Within these 10 days I noticed my redness reduce and it has stayed that way now 2 months later.
    However these last 2 months i also tent to have a better diet and i'm also used this: , a product that claims to kill of demodex mite. Thus my results might not be by, or only by, the probiotics.
    But the time i was taking them was the time when i saw the "fastest" improvement.

    They are quite expensive i can say. But its worth the try i guess.

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    My dermatologist put me on a probiotics/prebiotics combined pill, called Bacteflora Plus (I'm in Greece, this may not be available everywhere, I don't know). It was a bit of a problem though because I was taking doxycycline at the same time so I had to time it very carefully so that the doxycycline didn't indiscriminately murder all the little beasties in the probiotic/prebiotic... I don't know how well that worked. I took them all spaced six hours apart.

    It didn't make a massive difference and I stopped using them when I went off doxycycline actually. They were pricey. If I thought they would help in and of themselves, I would use them, but I was mostly taking them as a foil to the doxycycline (which of course most of us will be on at one time or another).

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