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    Default My Own Treatment Ocular Rosacea...

    Sorry if im repeating, but thought it might be worth just posting this as a single thread, incase anyone had not been or dosent have access to a eye doctor and are having problems and maybe even hel some who might be borderline, developing them, even better!!

    I'm by no means any expert on Ocular Rosacea or normal skin rosacea, having only dealt with this crap for a while, but whileim waiting to start treament to control it and help it all, ive learnt a few things that help m to stop the eye problems and improve the cosmetic appearence of it, to some degree, but i havint got them back to being totally normal yet, but then that may take a long time for that to happen and small improvements, i think im learning are long i try to atr least not get too down when things are soooo slow in improving, but leasyt if their not geting worse by day/week , then theirs a sign at least of damage limitation, which i dont knw about anyone esle, i still a comfort to me!! lol

    First, its really important, that you try to limit the intake of anything that can rob the body of moisture or dilate it, as most people wth rosacea probably already do this, because it causes a flush etc.... Dosent mean you have to go OTT, and never drink coffee, soda and stuff ever again, but moderation, wach the amount of coffee you use in a cup and tryand dilute th coffee wih more milk and less warmth, and if dairy prods dont bother you its a great option. I know it seems basically obvious to most people but everything i read or most of it, changes the lifestyle to a total amount, meaning removing tea and coffee complety from your life or soda, alcohol etc...

    Second after watching the obvious dietary changes in your lifestyle, drink as much water as you can have, just sipping cold water during the day, in between meals and a big glass before bed, can provide some comfort and fluid to the dry eye syndrome, again with me it took weeks of that to see any small improvement, and it stopped as soon as i got lazy and stopped drinking as much water, but it really does help!!!.

    Third, for me ive noticed, interrupted sleep on regular days can totally 100% effect my eyes as it does in people without any condition, so trying to make sure you have a full sleep of least 7-8 hours most nights a week and not waking up three / four times a night will almost defo improve the dryness, redness and bloodshot appearence. As will sitting in good lighting and making sure you dont strain the eyes by watching tv etc in a semi lit room, cause this really bothers my eyes if i do it for a long time, soo cinemas are cool fr me, just ot for long periods moderation for me! :/

    Those are the basic things most people prob know about eye problems and stuff.

    I normally, use 2 drops o vasco tears in right and left eye an hour after waking, only because if i put them in straight away, i get a reaction and sometimes, the actual appearence of the eyes is always more dramatic in morning and eases within an hour of wakingup!. Then repeat that normally at moment four times a day or if you are having alot of problems with the dryness and water thing, every hour once in each eye, until they feel better and look better and then slowly reduce it, but DONT stop it straight away because you feel symptoms improve, you guarenteed to next day relapse back to day before!.

    In between eye drops, use a optrex eye bath 2-3 times a day, bathing the eyes in the water for thirty secnds each eye and this will also help with any dirt or sleep etc that can cause the problems with your eyes or make it worse and firther improves the redness of the eye and the lids etc

    Aslo some people use the eye lid scrubbing with the bud and warm water, sterile!, and that aslo helps, again over time, to unblock the ducts that are blocked and ease the symptoms and this really will work over time, but again it took weeks for a improvment in my case with that alone. Use that with or by itself, a eye massage to times a time streching he outer lid, towards the ear, and rubbing the lid, firmly, with your free finger, making sure its clean and not oily etc, five times on each lid will help the prevention and removal of eye styes and stuff that you get in th eyes, again it takes a long time, but it does gradually reduce the eye styes and dryness and inflammation if you can practice them things each day, and combined with a antibiotic should restore the eyes to normal and then continue the eye drops everyday and stuff, as a way of keping on top of it!!

    Sorry if its all obvious to most people, most it might help someone and hopefully will

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    Hi Mikey,

    This is very nice of you and very imformative. Thanks for taking the time to write all, very helpful.

    using elidel at night, taking atelenol, had 2 vbeam laser treatments, 46 year old female

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    Default No Probs ;)

    If it helps, its a worth the time..;)

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