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Thread: What Antibiotics?

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    Default What Antibiotics?

    Hi, i have a doctors appointment next week for my back acne, was wondering what antibiotics would help with my facial redness aswell? i took some a few years back and i remember it helping my redness within 4 days of taking it (thou it never helped my acne ) but i would like to take some that help with both.

    thanks in advance sammyw.

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    You would need a higher dose to help your back acne vs your facial inflammation but you could ask your doctor about Solodyn (45 mg of minocycline) or Oracea (40 mg of doxy). These are high enough for facial inflammation usually but not sure about the acne. Though I do recall some studies that Solodyn is useful for some acne patients. Solodyn also comes in 90 and 135 mg doses but of course the lowest dose that can help you the better.

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    Default bacne

    I don't know how long you have had "bacne" but if it is persistent you might want to consider low dose accutane, could help both problems. Otherwise you are likely looking at a high dose regimen for antibiotics as "bacne" from what I understand can be persistent and hard to treat. Lower doses of antibiotics (including antibacterial low dose) commonly have no impact. Consider trying 200 mg/day of doxycycline and taper down and see how things go.

    A good derm can steer you in the right direction.
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    Ive been on accutane before when i was younger, 40mg a day for 5 months, for facial acne and bacne, worked wonders for my acne. But the problem was after i stopped accutane i started to get roscea symptons so i believe its what cause my redness (3 years) so its definitely not something i would consider using again.

    Ive had this round of bacne for about 4 months, getting slowely worse. Been using benzoyl peroxide in large amounts with no effect. Tbh im more worried about it spreading to my face. I think im gonna try a 100% tca chemical peel on my back for 1 minute in combination with the start of the antibiotics (whichever ones i get).

    As for my facial redness, i'm just going to hope they have an effect on it as well

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