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Thread: Anti-flushing meds

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    Hi Penny,

    I have tablets of 0,150 mg of clonidine and take half of then every 7 hours approxemately. I started indeed with a lower dose, but find this dose to be more helpful for me.
    Dr. Chu presribes clodnidine and mirtazapine indeed often together for bad flushers. In my case (extreme bad flushing) he also added propranolol to it. I take them all together. I did read about the interaction between clonidine anfd mirtazapine and asked dr Chu, but he never found them to have any negative effect on the anti flushing actions among his patients. I also asked my pharmacist about it and he told me that the only interaction he is aware of, it that clonidine can lessen the antidepressant actions of the mirtazapine, and mirtazapine the blood lowering actions of the clonidine. Mildly. But there is as far as he knows no effect on the way they limit flushing. Which is of course a never intended side effect of these drugs.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Starting Remeron

    I started taking 30mg of Remeron at night about a week ago, and so far my experience has been positive. My main symptoms are redness and flushing, and I definitely feel as though the flushing has been reduced a bit. I was drowsy the first few days, but my body seems to have adjusted now. I'll update again in a week or so to let you all know how it is going. Thanks!

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    Portallion how is the remeron going? I was prescribed 15mg but at this dosage the sedative effect is really am thinking of trying 30mg.

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    Rameron and clonidine can be taking at the same time. My some has been taking them together for 3 yrs for his ADHD. I have been thinking about giving it a try for my flushing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason1984 View Post
    Does anyone know of any good medications that help with facial flushing?

    Also, ive heard that beta blockers help with flushing, what type of flushing does this help with and does it create a rebound flush and if it does how can this be prevented?

    Thanks heaps
    Personally I found Permethrine worked. Used it every night for 4 weeks and can now speak up without the worry of much more social ease and doing better at work. Flushing is so inhibitory and makes you a bit wary of stressful situations....hope you resolve this problem it is a great step forward when you do.

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