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Thread: p&p's and acne

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    Default p&p's and acne

    Are p&p's and acne the same thing?

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    Rosacea p&p's occur when, due to an inflammatory process, capillaries leak various substances (not blood, by the way) into the surrounding tissue.

    Acne occurs when follicles become blocked, leading to the proliferation of a bacteria.

    Rosacea p&p's will generally be caused by abrasive things, or harsh topicals - in general, external insults to the skin. Alternatively, by deep flushing.

    Acne, by contrast will be caused by a completely different things. Occlusion of the skin, or lack of washing it and so on.

    With time and attention, you should be able to detect the difference.

    (Note that there are lots of midway cases, and lots of other things that can cause a 'spot').

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    P&p's is short hand for papules and pustules which can occur with both acne and rosacea. As mentioned above, it's thought that the underlying cause is different for each one (acne and rosacea). Acne p&p's come from having too much sebum (usually due to hormones - androgens) and the skin not exfoliating well eneough so dead cells clog the pores, then naturally occuring bacteria proliferate and whammo you have acne. Generally speaking acne is not caused by lack of washing but if prone to acne, washing too much with harsh products can aggrevate it. Rosacea p&p's are caused by the leakage mentioned above. Acne and rosacea p&p's can look much the same and people can have both conditions which makes treating it very hard. For example --- my derms tried to treat what they thought was acne and I ended up with a much worse condition because of the harsh products used. But just using common rosacea products didn't take care of my problem so I use a combo method (below)'s gentle but still exfoliates my skin a bit to take care of the acne side of things. It's worked great.

    Bactrim (phasing out), Spironolactone 1x/day, Retin-a cream .05% in the p.m., Neutrogena Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, avoid dairy and usual Rosacea triggers.

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